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Hello everyone, it's been a while and DeviantArt refuses to tell me when people send me notes, I'm sorry. After even more deliberation, I think I may in fact want to keep working on these little guys! I have such a big world and concept built up around them, and I've also gotten much faster and more confident at painting since I started this. Stay tuned but hopefully I'll have more of them soon, with more unique bases, and more variants and ascensions and even familiars. Speaking of which, I've been developing a "Tundra" cold-adapted variant! I would love if you could let me know which of these two you like better. I feel like the tall-eared version is more unique, but the droopy-eared version is awfully cute as well.
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Thank you to everyone for your input and encouraging words. I'm honored that you like these little guys so much. But after some deliberation and soul-searching, I've decided to end this adoptable project. I won't be creating or selling any more of them and I probably won't be on this account much anymore. I love my little Aeoptera to bits and there's so much lore and worldbuilding I want to share with you all - but I just can't justify spending time doing what amounts to a bunch of recolors when there are so many other artistic and career-oriented avenues I want to pursue. I only have so much time and these guys take way more time and effort
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It's been a long time since these adoptables were updated... I wanted to let everyone know what is up. I created Teacup Dragons during a time of dire financial straits. I wanted to share something I loved with others and provide them something to love too, with the possibility of earning some livelihood from the whole process. Thank you to each and every person who contributed to Aeoptera, whether the support was financial, through a kind comment, through sharing them with other people - you all are wonderful and you helped pull me through some tough times. I'm now in a much, much better place and a lot of it is thanks to you. In order to g
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hi I was curious i just realized my dragon is similar to a tea cup dragon but she is not one but is based off of the teacup and pseudodragon dragons is that ok?

I would be thrilled if you came back and started making more! Id def buy one or two lol!!

i would even love to start helping you and learn and practice my drawing again with making more if they take up so much time or even help you with creating a closed world group like with esks and make maps and such for you ^_^

Hey, thanks so much and I'm sorry for not replying earlier! I am considering bringing Teacups back so stay tuned!

Hello! I was messing around on Pinterest when I had seen a few of these adorable creatures. I found that they where closed and I had to find them. I would love to make one of my own so whatever I have to do to call one of these beautiful, adorable creatures mine, I would gladly do
Question: I don't know if you're still active on here, but I was wondering if you still had the base line art for these guys? If you're not doing any more adoptions, it might be fun for those of us who didn't get a chance at an "official" teacup dragon to make our own with giving credit to you for your art. I know I'd like to have a few of the different types like the Meridiam and the Eventide. 
Where did the artist go? I just give you a watch and noticed the last time you uploaded artwork was on feburary. And that was.. 3 months ago..