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Published: June 11, 2008
I just went through my favorites for whipping together a good feature list, but it seems my favorites policy played against me. I like commenting and fav'ing deviations that are somewhat lost in the mainstream - but I very nearly never fave the really popular ones.

Which means all the awesome pieces I came accross are not in there :| Now that DA enables us to categorize favorites, I think I will reorganize them and add a "popular" category so that I can at least keep track of those works as well...

Anyhow, I went through what I had so far for a small featurette until I have it all sorted.

:pointr: Architectural

ISO_Fantasy_Homestead by zi- Modern Magic by alexiuss
234 by SnowSkadi 4 Seasons - Summer by geci

:pointr: Photography

Tree Of Light by lowapproach footprint by tarikkeskin
Age of the Rising Beauty by jjhunkiespunk Feathers and Fetish by theglorybox

:pointr: Drawings

Doodle Clump by Kota12 Elemental by DragonTreasureArt
Sweet Venom by MJWilliam The Descent Of Icarus by tiamat9

:pointr: Digital Art

Heavyhearted... by AquaSixio Emineo by PHASEdesignss

:pointr: Characters

Akuzhin. by vmbui Anne Dieu-Le-Veut by GENZOMAN
+SOUL FIRE+ by Sayda Pepper Project Wallpaper by PepperProject

:pointr: Funny

Fire please... by nicobou Torturing Poor Mushroom by Ninja2ASSN
Snakes on a Plane by Windy999 backfire by fizzgig
The Lurking Sock Puppet by ursulav

The Almighty Argh
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Just thought I ought to check out if you had some features up as well...and ta-dah! :D

Thanks for sharing :) I also find quite a few here that I didn't know about before.
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AeonOfTimeProfessional Interface Designer
Heheh, it's only a "featurette" compared to yours :)
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hahaha well that's only compared to mine cause I went a bit over the top with how many works I included lol ^^

undre normal circumstances it is a 'feature' while mine is 'I want to include absolutely everything' kind of feature lol
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AeonOfTimeProfessional Interface Designer
lol, well I am currently scouring the interDAs for some interesting works, so I'll share what I find and try to beat yours :giggle:

Though that seems pretty unlikely, heheh