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Inspired by a recent daily deviation shot, I went in search of portraits that could match the alluring gaze of that model (…). It turned out such shots are extremely rare, so I broadened my search to portraits that have a specific set of qualities to them. Each of the shots below portrays a model of which can be said that (any combination of the following):

- she is shrouded in mystery
- she knows no fear
- she radiates self-confidence
- she is fierce
- she has power

I went all the way back to 2005 and went through Classic Portraits, Emotive Portraits, Expressive, Fashion Portraits, Fetish Portraits, Glamour Portraits, Self Portraits and Spontaneous Portraits. The interesting thing I noticed is that the overall quality of the submitted deviations increased a lot over the years, starting with 2007. Then again a lot more deviations are submitted as a whole every year.

You can view the entire collection here:…

Here is my final selection, split into Black & White and Color:

BLACK & WHITE (Collection:…)

:thumb180102694: :thumb180913136: hidden track by bailey--elizabeth Self Oct 08 by larafairie Forget Your Running by FurtiveLungs :thumb107666070: Moon whisper.... by LeJournalDAmelie Cold one by skafunk Echoes by GejszaNietutejsza :thumb71271825: big city life 10 by KimberleyCamilleri diamonds are forever. by indiae Gokcan by memelsteak :thumb97151207: czarne joko by PeachDaub :thumb152763865: :thumb128736094: t54 by stefa-zozokovich humidity by charlie-aux-fraises Photo No. 005 by AlexPavlov Harizma_Sasha by simxa Viktoria III by zemotion Begin to Hope by eurai The Queen by zemotion Sammya by memelsteak gates of dawn by micmojo FACE by rust2d :thumb105871927: :thumb154568699: That Girl by melaniumom Breeze by KimJSinclair The freckles in our eyes by iNeedChemicalX Angie - Bright light by FuzzyYak you said something by Eliara :thumb136643555: :thumb99985624: :thumb98035924: To love hot by LonelyPierot shine by prismes

COLOR (Collection:…)

Evil Eye by Stridsberg I am a Survivor by blackfantastix Amethysta No 2 - Portrait by Hart-Worx draw deep breath by SabrinaCichy _heartbeat. by josefinejonssonphoto :thumb163024550: Janina - 017 by Stridsberg :thumb158944582: Green eyed lady by lepersabstain :thumb167866899: burning by Gewof Kerli by Ashlea-Winfield :thumb83201771: :thumb94565441: :thumb140278841: Barbora by memelsteak :thumb74979558: Guerriere by FlexDreams Katherine High Key by jakegarn :thumb150887589: Janina - Glamour in my way 2 by JaninaN :thumb157849566: pierce by nikosalpha Andrej by larafairie Dirty Baby by zenibyfajnie self-again by bloodstonished :thumb40319632: :thumb122660638:

Please :+fav: the article if you liked this selection!

Also, if you happen to have / know of some shots that are not included here, please share - I looked at galleries for three whole days so I certainly missed some :)
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There are a few works in my gallery that have gotten next to no views nor comments. I have been wondering about that a fair bit, as everyone seems to avoid them. That's why I would like to ask you: what makes you skip them if you view the gallery?

Quartz Snow by AeonOfTime Learning to fly by AeonOfTime Tribal Fusion by AeonOfTime Thriving depths by AeonOfTime Ma.Elle by AeonOfTime

Feature time

Wed Jun 11, 2008, 6:02 AM
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I just went through my favorites for whipping together a good feature list, but it seems my favorites policy played against me. I like commenting and fav'ing deviations that are somewhat lost in the mainstream - but I very nearly never fave the really popular ones.

Which means all the awesome pieces I came accross are not in there :| Now that DA enables us to categorize favorites, I think I will reorganize them and add a "popular" category so that I can at least keep track of those works as well...

Anyhow, I went through what I had so far for a small featurette until I have it all sorted.

:pointr: Architectural

ISO_Fantasy_Homestead by zi- Modern Magic by alexiuss
234 by SnowSkadi 4 Seasons - Summer by geci

:pointr: Photography

Tree Of Light by lowapproach footprint by tarikkeskin
Age of the Rising Beauty by jjhunkiespunk Feathers and Fetish by theglorybox

:pointr: Drawings

Doodle Clump by Kota12 Elemental by DragonTreasureArt
Sweet Venom by MJWilliam The Descent Of Icarus by tiamat9

:pointr: Digital Art

Heavyhearted... by AquaSixio Emineo by PHASEdesignss
Alien Power Plant by ka78

:pointr: Characters

Akuzhin. by vmbui Anne Dieu-Le-Veut by GENZOMAN
+SOUL FIRE+ by Sayda Pepper Project Wallpaper by PepperProject

:pointr: Funny

Fire please... by nicobou Torturing Poor Mushroom by Ninja2ASSN
Snakes on a Plane by Windy999 backfire by fizzgig
The Lurking Sock Puppet by ursulav

The Almighty Argh

The usual nonsense

Fri Jan 25, 2008, 1:40 AM
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While I like the festivities that come with a new year, nothing really changes, does it? We are all still the same, except maybe for some good resolutions that most of us will not stick to. I guess it is okay to try though :)

I realized it is important to have projects for the future, even if they seem overwhelming - like building a home for your family or a daring financial venture like starting your own company. It gives me something to ponder, to turn around in my head.

Yes, I think this year will be good. It will be a lot of work, but an adventure nonetheless. We only have one life to live, so let's try to achieve something for ourselves and those around us.

The Almighty Argh

Feature time!

Wed Sep 5, 2007, 12:49 AM
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Got this via DragonTreasureArt:



The first 12 people who reply to this journal will get their work featured.

How It Works:

Pick three works to feature from one of the the first twelve people who reply to this journal. If you are featured, repost this information in your journal. Then feature me, plus the first twelve people who reply to your journal. You will have thirteen features in all. The person who featured you and the twelve people who answer your journal.

1. :icondragontreasureart:
Elemental by DragonTreasureArt Guardian Of The Sun And Moon by DragonTreasureArt Organic Wonderland by DragonTreasureArt


Hit reply and get your spot now :)

The Almighty Argh

Crystalline trouble

Wed Aug 8, 2007, 8:08 AM
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I have not written in quite a while, and even if I am a bit rusty, I am glad to see I still have enough wild ideas. The current result is the short story "Crystalline Trouble" that you can read here on DA.

It is loosely based on the MMOG EVE Online, and focuses on an aspect of the game that there is next to no information on, namely the relation between pilots and their crews.

I would love to hear what you think - I would like to see this as a work in progress, and continue improving / evolving it. There are two parts so far, judging from the planned events I   will add another three to that at least. Part three is currently in the works.

Read the story here on DA
Read the story on the dedicated website

The Almighty Argh

Slow and fast motion

Fri Apr 6, 2007, 5:55 AM
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  • Playing: EVE Online, Oblivion
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Sometimes the subjectivity of time can be frightening. While some things take what seems to be ages, others go by in a flash - too fast to be properly processed and assimilated. For instance, the five years I spent living and working in germany are already two years behind; and the skill training in EVE online seems to take eons.

I agree; the second part of my example is rather pitiful, but intentionally so. We are used to getting everything we want without having to wait, while all it takes to wait is focusing on something else. Actually having to wait for something makes the moment more enjoyable you get it; makes you apreciate it more. I think this is also the reason we usually eat fast food faster than a duly cooked meal - ever noticed that?

The Almighty Argh

EVE Online mini-review

Mon Oct 23, 2006, 11:00 AM
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A hard decision

I consider myself to be a passionate gamer, spending quite a goodly but reasonable amount of time hooked to a number of games. However, until recently I had never even considered playing an MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game). I always felt comfortable in loneliness, so single player games are exactly what I need. However, I also have a certain ideal of gaming in mind, to which only Oblivion came closest with its size, depth and possibilities.

Being a big fan of the Privateer series, I thought that if there was a game I would try -maybe-, that would be EVE online. So two weeks ago when I bought my favourite computer magazine and read a section on the latest updates to the game and the persisting userbase, I had a look at the website. I read the FAQ from top to bottom to familiarize myself with the game concepts and mechanics, but was disappointed by the fact that it resembles real life too much:

Virtual real life? No thanks...

The social system is nearly the same than in real life with corporations, groups, mobs, workers, egomaniacs, jerks and general bad guys. You have to earn a living the hard way or by leeching it from the hard working population. The economics system resembles wall street with supply and demand, with charts and everything the aspiring economist would love to have on his desktop. Being more a fan of heavy axes and skullsplitting, I was not exactly thrilled by this prospect... Additionally, being told that you have no chance to get anywhere if you do not join a corporation really chilled my desire to test run the game. A few days later, I decided that I had to test it anyway, and that I would try to make a solo success story out of it anyway.

First impressions

Getting the game cannot be simpler if you have a credit card. Download the game client, install it, create an account and start playing. The character creation process is well done, but the resulting character portraits resemble each other a bit too much to my taste - but they are not that important in-game. Choosing your starting skills is the tricky part - either you do this on autopilot and choose whatever you think is good or you have a look at the forums and try to find out what the best attributes are. I chose the former and ended up doing it on autopilot anyway :) Once you are in the game, things get a little more interesting - the integrated tutorial is one of the best I have ever seen, and even if it is skippable it is a must to get to know the game.

The rendering engine is fast on my machine, and even if the ship models are quite detailed and interesting, the textures could be better. The point-and-click interface makes navigating a snap, and the context menus really offer an intuitive way to get where you want to go. For example, in flight you can right-click anywhere in space and get a list of objects in the current solar system that you can warp to (planets, bases, asteroid fields...). You start in a heavily protected area, so apart from encountering NPC pirate drones in controlled areas you will usually not be killed directly after takeof :)

Skill me, frustrate me!

Now the skills system is what really frustrates me in an otherwise near-perfect picture. To use about any kind of equipment apart from "civilian" equipment, you have to have the skill(s) to operate it. So to replace your rookie ship you start with and upgrade it to a frigate, you need the frigate skill. If you want to equip that with a mining laser, you need the mining skill and so on. While that is not in itself a problem, the way you obtain these skills is. You have to pay for a skillbook to learn the basic skill. Learning it takes from 15 to 30 real-time minutes. On top of that, skills have levels (like Mining Level 1 to 5) and each level gives additional bonuses and allows using more advanced equipment. Each higher level takes longer to train, meaning that I have to actually wait about two real-time days to train the level 4 skill required to fly an industrial mining ship.

Of course the skill training continues when you are logged off, but that is another way to get you to log in every few hours to check on your skills because you cannot queue them. Aaaaaaaaaaaargh! Frustrating you say? Very much so! Especially when you are stuck not being to able to do anything interesting until that skill that takes 8 hours to learn is finally complete.

Adapt or die

Even with the skill frustration, I must say that I am hooked. Actually I have changed my playstyle to accomodate the learning time and only play when I really have something to do. Once I have a good base of skills I will be able to play more, and explore the outer regions where life is dangerous but rewarding :)

I believe it is a great game that has an enormous potential and exceptionally long lifespan even when putting aside the forced lifespan through skill learning. I really enjoy warping my huge cargoship to asteroid fields, mine the asteroids for precious ore and resell that, talk to the other miners nearby and find new equipment for my ship(s). The goal being to make enough profits to buy one of those capital ships with more guns than hull surface - and just blast anything or anyone to hell who stands in my way. I am a pacifist at heart, but  I do not care about taking the measures required to defend myself or other if need be.

What this game really needs is axes :D

The Almighty Argh

The world moves on...

Tue Sep 19, 2006, 8:06 AM

The Almighty Argh

...and everything is fine? Well, judging from the news from all over this place we call earth, everything is not exactly fine - but then it has never really been if you could ask mankind as one entity. Isn't there always something to complain about even if everything IS fine? It is really a matter of perspective, but I cannot help being perplexed at what people sometimes see as a dire problem. Put the life of an overworked chinese worker who earns about 10 euro per month against that of a comfortable European worker, which of the two is more likely to complain about trivial matters I might ask... Some say that kind of imagery is quite cliché, but I know there is absolutely no cliché in the reality of it.

I wish everyone would try to put themselves in the big picture from time to time, laugh about how vain we are and value what we have. However, I realize how futile wishing for a change in human nature is, and prefer not to think of the likelihood of that wish coming true.

I do not know what you will do with your life, I know I will try to make the most of mine and laugh adversity straight in the face.

The Almighty Argh
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Work, eat, sleep, repeat

Wed Jun 28, 2006, 2:00 AM

The Almighty Argh

Work, eat, sleep, repeat...

This is another one of those crazy cycles you don't seem to be able to get yourself out of... On one hand working gives me a purpose, but there is no time left for anything else. Fortunately those cycles are never permanent - and they do have some positive aspects: you suddenly have a lot of ideas of nice things you are so going to do when you finally get the time :)

I think my sleeping time will drop sharply in the next few days, as my new shiny ATI Radeon 1600 Pro has just arrived in the mail - and the awesome The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion is waiting on my drive to unleash its full beauty... best served with an icy coke and Granola cookies. Yay!!!

So here's to crazy cycles and full depravation :D

The Almighty Argh
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Back to the drawing board

Wed May 24, 2006, 3:55 AM

The Almighty Argh

After quite a hectic time at work lately I am back to the drawing board, with two projects: one for the wedding of a friend, and the second from an idea that struck me lately. Somehow if I don't get my drawing time I get itchy - and when I am drawing, I'd like it to go much faster to start off with the next piece.

I guess I'll have to teach myself patience again. I used to be very patient but my work as a webdeveloper / designer seems to have destroyed that...

The Almighty Argh
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Fri May 19, 2006, 3:40 AM

The Almighty Argh

Someone pinch me, is my visits counter really over the 1000 limit? :faint:

Actually I wanted to draw a little something for the occasion, but somehow it slipped by me like an oiled eel*. But don't worry, I'll come up with something! It's best to put some time into anyway, it would be a shame to rush it. I think I have an idea already, I'll let it mature before I start... And I'm thinking more in terms of an homage to my friends here on DA as well as DA itself. Rydia-warrior's "Fan Glamour" piece was an inspiration to say the least : )

This is how I boogie right now:


* The following is an excerpt of the PEOC's beginner's guide to oiling eels. The PEOC stands for Professional Eel Oilers Committee, and its mission is too keep the death rate of amateur oil eelers as low as possible. Here's what the guide has to say about oiling eels:

"It is good to know that eels in general don't like to be oiled, and tend to defend themselves quite vigorously. Oiling an eel which starts off quite slippery in life anyway is no small task - professional eel oilers even prefer to call it an undertaking. This of course accounts for the shocking prices of oiled eels - which some people actually view as being quite a bargain considering that an oiled eel is probably the slippiest thing in the universe."

The Almighty Argh
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Aaaaargh! 6 horrible things...

Fri May 12, 2006, 2:04 AM

The Almighty Argh

Six horrible things about myself?!

Well, I have been tagged by Rydia-Warrior - here's a huge :hug: for you, special treat! Hmmmm well, here goes for me - and in reverse (from the least weird to the weirdest - yes, I am twisted):

~: The sixth :~
When I am on my bike, I brake for nobody - except trucks and walls, maybe.

I just can't drive at a leisurely pace when I am on my bike. I always put all my energy into it, and go as fast as I can - and I just hate braking. I never drive on the road, and if I do not have a dustcloud trailing behind me I am not happy.

~: The fifth :~
I listen to music in shuffle mode.

This may not sound so weird, but my friends always tell me that setting a playlist like mine on shuffle is insane - they seem to have problems switching seamlessly from Irish folk like The Dubliners to techno like Scooter to rock, blues, classical, soul, rap, funk... I wonder why?

~: The fourth :~
I used to draw spider comics at school.

Their usual occupation was maiming each other beyond recognition. Very sadistic, but highly enjoyable. [Example]

~: The third :~
I have a collection of Garfield comics.

That's already is a federal offense for some, but I even I re-read it about once per month. I know - wretched, isn't it?

~: The second :~
I am saving to have a blacksmith forge me a double-bladed axe with personalized engravings.

My dream would be to have a burglar enter my house: I would take the axe from the wall so that he would see its shadow on the wall in the pale moonlight, and hear its steely ring as its handle glides out of its shaft. At that point, he would have strong second thoughts about his initial intentions and engage in a hasty retreat. Muahahaha!

~: The last :~
I have my own, personal god, "The almighty Argh".

He is the god of nonsense, which may or may not tell you a lot about my wretched personality. Nah, in truth I am a very sensible human being. Muahaha!

There is more, of course - but I don't want to scare all my friends off just yet :D I am not really into tagging, so feel free to feel tagged if you are reading this and whip together your own six horrible things about yourselves!

The Almighty Argh
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Deviations and versatility

Sat May 6, 2006, 4:28 AM

The Almighty Argh

If you have a look at my deviations gallery, you may notice that I seem bent on submitting at least one deviation in every possible category. Honestly, that's not so far from the truth... I don't really do it consciously though: I have always liked trying a lot of different things, and it's a way to put my experience to use. I really enjoy DA, it's been a kind of revelation to rediscover this thriving community, and it feels good to be a part of it.

Thanks to the many friends I have made already, you're my muses :hug:

Now... let's see what I have done so far :)

Vector Art
The almighty Argh by AeonOfTime

Lizards rule by AeonOfTime

Application interfaces

Advanced skin cleaning by AeonOfTime

Traditional art
Myaragol fire petals flower by AeonOfTime

Sandstone, untiled by AeonOfTime

Desktop screenshots
Unreal and big taskbar icons by AeonOfTime

Hmmmm... still a ways to go, but I'm just getting started :D

The Almighty Argh
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Printz n Userscriptz

Wed May 3, 2006, 8:54 AM
The Almighty Argh

Well, I have subscribed a print account, and I must say that this is really well made, except for the strange (rather lacking) navigation.


Mosahik Mk3 :: Salamander by AeonOfTime Myaragol fire petals flower by AeonOfTime


As the overall DA navigation really rather bugs me, I decided to do something about and made a greasemonkey script that has all the navigation items for the logged in user in one handy toolbox. This is especially useful for the prints store, as it's particularly difficult to get anywhere there...


The Almighty Argh
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Glamour featurette for Grambo

Mon Apr 24, 2006, 2:04 AM
The Almighty Argh

Artiste extraordinaire =Grambo-nitro  mentioned that he was on a hunt for nice glamour prints, and I had been also a bit earlier - so I thought I'd share my findings. My list of prints is actually a bit longer than this, but I made a selection of essentials including only those deviations I would really like to hang on my walls :D

- The list has no particular order
- I have marked my personal top favourites
- People & portraits print subcategories I browsed in their entirety:
      . Emotive portraits
      . Fashion portraits
      . Glamour portraits
      . Pin-up
      . Romantic
      . Spontaneous portraits

» CnC - True Friends « by =RavenMacabre :+fav:
CnC - True Friends by RavenMacabre

» Spring is coming « by *kacper
.spring is comming by kacper

» a'in bw « by *frixin

» Flower « by ~Transylvania :+fav:

» Green-Eyed « by =Michelliechelle

» Jennifer Lynn Brdecka_v4 « by =eugenef :+fav:

» la tristesse est isolée « by =babybluespikes

» Serenity « by =wickedoubt :+fav:
Serenity by wickedoubt

» Skin Deep « by =pandorya
Skin Deep by Lucid-Raven

» what are girls made of « by +suzi9mm :+fav:
what are girls made of by suzi9mm

» .prevention « by `hbynoe

» when things fall apart « by *chariche

Now for these two I have a special mention - I wouldn't put them on my wall, but I like them too much for not including them here...

» My Dinner With Robin III « by =Digital-Junkie
My Dinner With Robin III by Digital-Junkie

» Who Needs Big Tits? « by =deviouselite I'm waiting for Grambo's follow-up, if he'd be willing to make one with his own selection :D And I guess I can check for new prints as there seem the be a lot of new ones since I made my search... oh, well - that's okay :giggle:

The Almighty Argh
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Reawakening the artist

Tue Apr 18, 2006, 8:17 AM
The Almighty Argh

Creating an account here on DA really reawakened the artist in me - I started off to publish a few of my wallpapers, but realized that none of them were really legal *cough* due to the many different sources. When I started rummaging through my older drawings, I realized that I had stopped drawing after college and could not fathom why I had given it up...

Now I'm drawing again, and the artist in me lives again :D It's a rare pleasure, and I have DA and my friends here to thank for it. So thanks a bundle and I am eager to upload my next piece!

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Browsing through my projects, I realized that there is quite a lot more artwork I could submit to my gallery, but I'm reticent. I don't want to flood my deviation gallery with pieces that I don't think are really worth seeing - quality over quantity.

My old flash website

I absolutely had to put that  here, however - because it was something very special at the time. It does not really stand the comparison to modern flash websites - which is why I had to think it over quite a while until I decided that it does no good either if it sits around on my harddrive and doesn't even get the chance to be seen at least once on the web.

How do you decide what to submit to your gallery?
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Now that happens when you start trying out usernames... When I started playing around with the Internet, I remember trying out all kinds of domain names - being one of the strangest experiences yet at the time.

On DA, religion also has its place... (ordered by views)

Jesus no deviations, 6169 views, 07/2000
satan no deviations, 3068 views, 11/2001
hell 7 deviations, 1288 views, 11/2002
messiah no deviations, 492 views, 03/2002
heaven no deviations, 470 views, 11/2001
Allah no deviations, 434 views, 12/2000
christ 1 deviation, 274 views, 08/2002
buddah no deviations, 60 views, 03/2001
yahweh no deviations, 88 views, 05/2003

I'm wondering whether the jesus and satan accounts have been registered by DA staff...

Incidentally, there are quite some heated feelings about good names being wasted to users that don't do anything with them, or are long gone. I think an account should be freed again after too much idle time. Take anubis for example - that is a cool name, and the current owner hasn't logged in for 22 weeks :(
Seeing all the fine vector art here on deviantArt, and after studying those pieces and the techniques behind them I think I am going to try something myself. Illustrator still bugs me a little when coming from photoshop, as some things just don't work like you expect them to, like the layers palette which has no right-click context menu - or the fact that transparency masks while being more versatile are not as easy to make.

But I guess that's all going to come slowly while I work :) Let's see how this works, and hopefully I'll be able to add a nice vector piece here as deviation!