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My long-running Web comic project is now complete. Corner Alley 13 follows the life of a score of fairytale creatures in modern USA, but centres around the misadventures of Noelle Manchi'des, an elf who most of all wants to be Human.

If you would like to read the comic there are two starting points: one for those who want to read the whole archives… and one for those who want to start with the story arch with decent art…

Thank you to the readers for giving support along the way!
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Today, after a five-month hiatus, I have updated my webcomic Corner Alley 13 with a new page.
I took a break from CA13 because I needed to free up time for a commissioned comic piece called "Bernadotte, vår franske kung" Now that Bernadotte is finished and I have recuperated by spending time with my family on Christmas and New Year's I am ready to start updating CA13 again at its usual pace of one page per week.

To all readers; thank you for waiting and I hope you will continue following the story!
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