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X-men parody

This won't make sense unless you've seen the X-men 3 movie. If you haven't seen the movie yet but want to, then avert your eyes quickly from the following! Throughout the last battle I kept thinking that Rogue would jump out from behind Phoenix and stop her. Considering the destruction she was causing this would probably have been impossible though. Still, I couldn't help being disappointed at Rogue's choice. My brother and I discussed alternatives and came up with this. Admittedly, it has some flaws.
I liked the X-men movies because of their political dimension, but the creators seem reluctant to let any character stay dead.
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Phoenix would have overloaded Rogue and killed her; remember, she tried to absorb Juggernaut (in the animated series) it aused her to scream "It's not fair! You love Charlie more than you love me! I hate you! I'll smash you all!" so god knows what trying to absorb the Phoenix would do; Emma Frost did it (in "Wolverine and...") and she exploded.