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X-men parody

By Aeonna
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This won't make sense unless you've seen the X-men 3 movie. If you haven't seen the movie yet but want to, then avert your eyes quickly from the following! Throughout the last battle I kept thinking that Rogue would jump out from behind Phoenix and stop her. Considering the destruction she was causing this would probably have been impossible though. Still, I couldn't help being disappointed at Rogue's choice. My brother and I discussed alternatives and came up with this. Admittedly, it has some flaws.
I liked the X-men movies because of their political dimension, but the creators seem reluctant to let any character stay dead.
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Phoenix would have overloaded Rogue and killed her; remember, she tried to absorb Juggernaut (in the animated series) it aused her to scream "It's not fair! You love Charlie more than you love me! I hate you! I'll smash you all!" so god knows what trying to absorb the Phoenix would do; Emma Frost did it (in "Wolverine and...") and she exploded.
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I haven't seen the animated series so these are things I failed to consider.
Good thing my comic wasn't about that!
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wut daaaaaaaa  heck O___________O
i feel so sorry for rogue LOL
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Rouge, that idea was just wrong on so many levels. What will you do when you want to get serious, have sex in his room while he's asleep?
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Or, if Rogue touches the Cure, and sucks up his powers the two abilities will clash and disappear forever!
Actually, in "Messiah Complex", Mystique  forced baby Hope Summers, the "Mutant Messiah" to touch Rogue, to cure her of the Legacy Virus; it also "returned" Rogue to "factory settings"; it erased all the powers she had absorbed from Ms Marvel and it powered down her absorption powers, so she can control them. It means that she can't fly any more, but she can have sex any time she wants, which is why Gambit is looking pleased right now!
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...That's kind of disappointing. It kills all the dramatic tension for Rogues character; it's like a dead-end for fiction : /
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It happened in X Men Evolution.
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That proves it: I should write for Marvel.
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...But wouldn't being near him neutralize her powers first?
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Unless she could take Wagners powers first and then appear right next to him before his powers took effect? Not perfect :/
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I'm pretty sure it's instant. Besides, I don't think she'd risk putting her brother in a coma.
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so funny that i cant stop laughingXXXXXXXDDDDDDD
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HA HA HA!!! She doesn't even notice she's hurting Bobby. :D
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XD if only she'd done that.
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I don't get it... >.>
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Have you seen X-men 3?
Why, yes I have. Its awsome!Have you seen it too?
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So what's happening in the comic is that the cure boy is moving too far away from Rogue to dim her powers, and Bobby is feeling the effects of that.
Yes, thats right. Ha funny, right?
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Bahahahahaha. Adorable.
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