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The Matriarch and Drel

These two are characters from my comic Corner Alley 13 ( [link] ). They're not underwater by the way, there's just a strange, green light in the underdark.
This is the slightly edited version. Changes include some light tweaking and rock remodeling. I didn't think the result was different enough to merit a completely new deviation though.
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Don't tempt me ;) It was so fun to make stories about these characters.
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Aow. :), but! It was great to read some comics about them! :p
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Why's he got jeans and a wifebeater?
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Hm, I guess it's a bit incongruous. It's the sort of thing he wears later when he goes to the Surface world, at which point he wears it maybe on the misapprehension that it's what Humans usually wear, but he probably shouldn't have this getup yet.

I had to look up wifebeater btw : (
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Given Drow upbringing, he could be in danger.
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He just has nooo idea ^^;
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The matriarch is the best!
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She is insane, but very, very entertaining to write ^^
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ahhh! Lovely! If i may say so, lol! :giggle: Drel look like he's gonna be some trouble. ;)
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The Matriarch doesn't know what she's in for!
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Ha, I really like that!

Excellent job ^^
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awww he's so cute! i love how you draw faces. *goes to look at comic*
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AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!*^^* So cute!
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This is nice. To make it look less like underwater, try changing the sizes and colors of the bg lights. :) Also, try to see if you can fit either stalactites or bats in there. :)
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Yeah, I suppose your right. The lights look more like bubbles as they are now. Some sort of background definition is needed.
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Glad to be of help :D
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if she were human, her arms would get very tired very quickly...

those shadows look like they would've been 'fun' to do...
nice shading on the armour, btw
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Hm... I see what you mean. Normally one would bend the elbows to lessen the stress on the arms. For this piece, however, I felt it was important that she held him away from her to achieve the wanted effect.
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yeah, it wasn't criticism, just pointing out that, being a drow and all, she must be pretty 'superhuman' to do that ^^

:heart: your comic, btw ^^
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I love CA13 so much! Drel has to be one of my very favourite characters. I love his relationship with the Matriarch, and this picture captures that so perfectly.
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Man, I love CA13. I've been with it for over two years now and it just keeps getting better. I notice that the Matriarch has an earring, though. It's stylish but does that mean she had to modify her original ears as Noelle was forced to as a child (oh my, that would be embarrassing for her clan, to have a leader who was imperfect from birth...perhaps a foreshadowing of other unsightly faults).
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