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Indy Olympics

Athletes are amazing in many ways, one being that they can put up with all the interviewers.

I didn't mean to do this experimental clean style colouring, but it just so happened that my regular computer (with the wacom) doesn't work. So this is my lazy version of colouring, using only the magic wand an fill tool.
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Man, this is awesome.
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You're welcome. I'm a big fan of Indy.
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Man! If there are two things I love, they're the Olympics and Indiana Jones. Way to bring them together in an extremely hilarious way!
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Glad you like it ^^.
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Very funny! Indy is still one of my favourite film heroes.
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I spent part of my childhood wanting to be Indiana Jones ^^
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Two day ago, I watched Raiders of the lost Arc on DVD.

It's still cool!
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Lols, this is great. cute line-art style, and I like this coloring too, it's very clear and easy to read the action :)
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Hmm... Interesting compositions...

Maybe if the BG was a tad lighter... I don't know. At the moment, he's pretty much the same shade as the background and everything else not outlined by dark brown.

But I really like how it looks, though. Great job! =)
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He is the same shade as the background. I have just used three tones, not including the glaring turquoise.
I guess you are right that Indy doesn't stand out enough against the background. I would have done something about that if I wasn't so impatient with the mouse.
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Haha, brilliant. Nice work :D
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:P The Olymics strikes again! Just gorgeous
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Yes! As if we hadn't had enough of the Olympics already @,@

Still, it's over now...
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This is great!
I love this!
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Aww, hahaha, funny :XD:
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If only this kind of thing would be an event in the actual Olympics would I feel interested so.. Nice job on Indy.
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It's always simple to draw characters like Indy, who are identifiable by only a few accessories.
Hikari-Rekka's avatar
*Claps* Go Indy~
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If only the real Olympics were as interesting...
I rather like this coloring style, especially for this particular comic.
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