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Auraiil opening a portal (a wormhole) into another dimension.

Despite her using mudras (spiritual handgestures), she has no ties to hinduism or buddhism.
What are mudras then? Mudras are used to affect the flow of your energy (prana, chi, mana) in your body.

Around the world, some people actually use them without knowing about mudras. For example, you may connect the tips of your fingers in front of you. This mudra makes one feel more confident.

You don't need to believe in energies, because mudras can still be very helpful because they also affect you psychologically. I recommend anyone to try them out as a small meditation if you ever feel anxious, down or unconfident. :)

I used some stocks! ^^
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such an unique creature design inspires interesting ideas... *giggles in sphonglonese*

also also, i find eerie eternalism and froze-picture-of-infinity in your works... i dont know how to explain it, but it has me staring like one would stare a mountain or starry sky. while many works do this, i found that pretty much all of your works do it consistently and thats bloody amazing :P