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I'm the artist who represente the 18th challenge of fotolia with advanced photoshop creation.
So this commissioned artwork show an futuristic vision of the future.
You can see video tutorial soon
To see the rules of the contest, it's here :
My FB page :…
All the stocks come fotolia. : paris : lanscape : tree : boy : cyborg : lens flare
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A beautiful utopia with half a Death Star looming over their heads. XD
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Wow, nice artwork bro, can you tell me the font that you used for the writing "Utopia"?
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Holy shit this is absolutely beautiful! O.O
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so beautiful and well defined 
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you are welcome man xd
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Is this what Paris will look like in a thousand years?
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I like your work but why does the robot have to have a butt like that? it looks out of place.
Unless you imagine a future where every cyborg has a perfect ass and doesn't wear clothes.
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Thank you for your comment. I wanted the cyborg look like a robot to give a positive relationship with humanity representing by the boy ;)
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I really love this job! There are so many details that beyond my imagination. Also, the characters are cute and impressive.
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Thanks a new time for your support ;)
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Très beau, ça me rappelle la fin d'I, Robot.
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Merci, c'est un peu l'esprit ;)
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Superbe réalisation et surtout très inspirante.
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