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Alice 5 (for V4) - 2013

By Aeon--Soul
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Alice 5 body shape for Victoria4

Here's the free body shape (look on the right of your web page and download her!), that includes only the body shape and a couple of utility morphs.

Thanks for watching, comment (sorry for the late replies!) and favorite
Rendered in P2012
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Glad she can still be of use!

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Alice - Yly are still my most fave set of morphs to use for V4. She is SUCH a total FOX! She has a superb balance of muscularity and pure femininity. What's not to Love?! Thank you so much for letting us have her. :o)

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Spot-on analisys, athletic + feminine is 100% Alice :D!

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Glad she is still found useful :D

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Glad someone can still enjoy her :D!
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Thanks for sharing! Is Alice character for V4 still available somewhere? 
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Is the face morph available some where? Really like the character you use in all your product shots.
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The character is called Alice and we actually tweak her constantly, we're lucky if we manage to have the same face for a whole set of promo images :).
That said she is kind of our representative model and we have decided not to share her for now although we'd like to create a character based on her sometimes.
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Is there any chance there will be a Alice for Genesis 3 or Genesis 8? I love all your work and have most of the newer stuff that you have done. I switched from Poser to Daz Studio sometime ago and always missed the Alice Model. Keep up the fantastic work! Huge Fan!
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It is pretty unlikely for the near future.
We haven't done any character-related work/product for several years and while we do miss it and are taking steps towards that, an Alice in not on the table.
This is not a never say never, but is not something we may be doing too soon.

Aw, thanks so much!
The V4 morph can actually be transferred to G3/G8 although it may take a bit of workaround and I am not sure how good the final result would be, but there are several people that have done it.
I've probably every Alice variant still, from ab initio all the way through 5, anyway.

Each one in her own runtime, no overwrites for me.  I even had a WoW guild called Aery soul (still do, btw).

I enjoyed your stuff, until you got into the piercing scene; that was enough for me.
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Hey, you probably have more Alice(s?) than us, we tend to overwrite to make sure we always have the latest file to work on.
Ah, we should have played WoW for that alone (we never played it for one reason or another) a funny fact though, in Destiny 2 there is a piece of exotic armor called "Aeon Soul" (also it is for the only character we do not play).

Well, we did a couple of nice and very complete piercings set, we like piercings and tattoos on our characters although lately we have become a bit lazy on that front.
Did the thoroughness of the set put you off?

I watched as your Alice and Blackhearted's GND4 began to merge in form, with their figure becoming more like Alice, and Alice becoming much more like GND4, as the two products progressed.  Eventually, they became very much alike. That's why I always keep every generation of a figure in its own runtime, theirs and yours; I love to revisit the evolution.

WoW became pretty repetitious and formulaic, but it's fun for light-hearted diversion.  They succeeded because it had a very large user-base and gradually became less complex over time, which is the recipe for popular success.  You can't make players think too much.

I have tried a few variations of MMORPG on the Star Wars theme, but both of those have withered and died; they were better products than WoW, but they required more thinking and effort to be successful in the game, which doomed them to failure.

It wasn't the thoroughness of your piercings set that dissuaded me; I'm just not a fan of S/M.

I won't see much of your products, I'm afraid, since you seem to market them only for DAZ.  I'm not going to support DAZ, because they grew strong on the wealth and strength of the Poser community and then abandoned them.
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Well, they have always looked pretty different to us, especially in some key areas and in how anatomy is tackled, but I can see how compared to the base figure and the more classic characters they look more alike compared to everything else.

I'd say that can easily be applied to most media, watering down is a good recipe to appeal a wider range of taste. You just have to be good enough for most people.
It's great when something amazing becomes popular, but is not often the case.

To be honest S&M is really not our thing.
We do love body accessories, piercings and tatooes and when it's been about "bondage" is mostly been in a fantasy, stylish fashion not really sex related.
Well, that was the intention behind it, what people see is really subjective though and that's how it should be :).

Yes, we are focused on Genesis 8 in terms of content creation. Frankly in all the years we worked in Poser its developers (whoever it was at the time) put very little effort in making it more content creation friendly.

I can see how some Poser users may feel betrayed by Daz, but if you think about it, Daz figures played a central role in the expansion of the Poser market (probably a pivotal one).
Poser original figures have always been fairly unappealling both in terms of looks and technology (although some were interesting in that regard).
The one exception I recall is Miki 3, but then I think she was outsourced (or derived from a previous outsourced figure). Still she was far too particular to be used as a base, generic, figure (a la Victoria).

It is our understanding that the fracture actually happened when Poser introduced the face room and refused to make it Victoria compatible, this sent Daz the message that they could not count on Poser being friendly to their figures and decided to develop their own tool.
It’s honestly a decision very hard to blame.

At this point we can say we’re glad they created Daz Studio, it is a brilliant piece of software developed by a talented and dedicated team. One of the first things they introduced was developing tools for content makers and this was waaaay before it actually became relevant as a complete tool. V4 and Poser were still king and we couldn’t even imagine a Poser-less future, but Daz Studio was already the main tool for developing content, not surprisingly since content was their market and their figures the most popular ones.

If feels like content is never been something core for Poser developers, it’s always felt like they didn’t really care that much. So, yes, we really do not miss creating for Poser and a V4-like figure.
To be honest I am not sure where Poser is at today, competition is always good even in a niche market such as this one and we regret that Daz has become kind of monopolistic, but we honestly clinged to Poser and V4 for too long.

Of course ours is the opinion of content developers, but also of users and artists that enjoy technological advancements and improvements in the tools they use for that :).


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Glad to see the body morphs are still available. Sadly I lost all your stuff from DNA in a fire. Really missing my Alice :(
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Oh, that is awful :(, so sorry to read this :( :( :(.
As far as our Rdna stuff is concerned, just send us a pm, I can upload the files for you!
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