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Awesome Cinematic Trailer from Watch Dogs Legion

Awesome Cinematic Trailer from Watch Dogs Legion

Usually when the time comes we deep dive into E3 and everything connected to the videogame world. This year there was no E3 and we got a bunch of live conferences. Some were interesting, some so-so, but at least it was something :D. Yesterday Ubisoft held its online-only presentation with some nice an interesting games: Watchdog: Legions, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, Far Cry 6. Watchdogs: Legions was the first game featured (can't wait to play this game) and after a few seconds we noticed something was off. The trailer was good...too good to have been done by some random Hollywood studio. The cinematic trailer, Watch Dog Legions Tipping point, was in fact created by Alberto Mielgo the same guy/director behind Love Death and Robot: The Witness. Turn out this cinematic trailer is incredible. Something I wish I had done! For sure one of the best trailer for a videogame I ever saw! Take a look here :

Are we still here, well yes...

Are we still here, well yes...

Some time has passed and we still cannot fully digest the new DeviantArt, however we are still here, to post, mostly for the lack of a better alternative. We do have our account on Artstation and we're proud of it:, but that's more of a portfolio. There we post threads dedicated to our products, it's great that each post can contain multiple images. We don't have any actual art there so far and the larger Daz Studio / Poser public is just not present (yet?). Pinterest is great to find references and hoard art and ideas, but the interaction is minimal and there is content restriction and the scare that if you post something edgy your whole account gets burned (yikes). Daz3d's gallery is still bare-bone after so many years and interaction is impossible, plus your corner has very little personality (I wish we could have those personalized pages for merchants, I think they lasted just that brief period we weren't selling at Daz, pity). And again

Eclipse... a fitting name

Eclipse... a fitting name

As expected DeviantArt has forced their new dreadful Eclipse layout upon us. Well, goodbye DA, in your current state you suck. Apart from the horrible use of space in every part of the new site, so much blankness... (I guess those still using proper computers are no longer worthy of consideration, after all artists are all using tablets and smartphones nowadays...), the access to both personal things and the site art if awful. I have to confess we had already grown pretty distant from DA in the last few years, mostly perusing ArtStation for 2d and 3d Art and Pinterest or more specialized sites for photography and crafts, however it was still nice to come here and check the feed from the artists we follow or check out the "undiscovered" and "daily deviations" sections. If I want to check out art with Eclipse I need to click on home and are welcomed by a "recommended for you" page that is... definitely not my taste. Handfuls of images we would never click on and that I feel have very

The Legend

The Legend Statue

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GrendelbertHobbyist Digital Artist

Will you someday re-release all/some of the many Aery Soul products that are now discontinued? I come across pictures that feature them and when I track down what they are, the site says "unavailable." Why? The Aery Soul products were fantastic! Why would you pull them from the market? I hope you'll rework them for G8 and make them available to us once more.

dyslexxiiconHobbyist General Artist

Have you ever considered doing a revival/remix of the things that you had released on RuntimeDNA (rest in peace) or Renderosity?

Hi there. I used to browse your items on Renderosity a long time ago and always thought they were some of the best available. I see you have a section with some newer stuff on Daz's store (and was really happy to see you're still around), but I don't see your section on Renderosity anymore. Did you stop selling there and do you sell anything other than what's available on Daz's store?

I wrote you awhile back when I was trying to get some hair files from the now defunct runtimedna. You where very hepfull. I was wondering if when you got the time if i could get them again. They were Caprice Hair and Fantasy drops hair for V4. Not sure if their was an addition to Fantasy drops or not. My system went bye bye and when i took my hard drive to the Geek Squad they dropped it and said they could not get anything off of it. I have a bunch of your stuff from daz and renderosity but these items didn't make the move to daz.

Hey, sorry for the late reply, we haven't been on DA much lately.

I sent you a link with those files, let me know if there's anything else you need, I uploaded all I found that seemed related.

Yeah, we had closed shop on Runtime some time before it "merged" with Daz so our stuff wasn't live and did not move.

Got em and downloaded them. Thank you very much. I am an older guy and still use DAZs last version of 3. Hard to teach and old dog new tricks. Lol

If you are still using Daz 3.x you are not an old dog, you are FEARLESS :D.

I'm telling you, with version 3 of Daz Studio I would just go mad most of the time. If you have some spare space in your HD give the newest version a try ;).

Regardless, you are most welcome and feel free to get in touch when you need any help, though I may be a bit slow in replying.