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Hey there, I am sorry to bother but I bought your "The Legend" Daz3d model yesterday from the Daz Market and I had some questions about it in regard to exporting, if that is ok? Might there be a support email or some way to chat with you?

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Atlantean6Professional Digital Artist
Workflow is zbrush and maya.  Okay, I can do that with practice. Alright, you two, I hope to create something as good as Alice.  Although I probably won't be releasing my stuff through Daz3D.  I might start with Renderosity first.

Do you still render DAZ Studio scenes through octane?  Or are you using iray?

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Aeon--SoulProfessional General Artist
We stopped using Octane shortly after Iray was introduced, too much time needed to convert materials, it wasn't worth it when so many products started being Iray ready (ours included).
Would love to get back to it, if the plug-in would correctly read Iray material settings, it is a faster engine and overall, probably, still higher quality.
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I'm pretty sure the answer to this is "no, not at this time or for the foreseeable future," but I figured I should ask - you have no intention of making the female figure you use in your promos available to the public, do you?

She's just so GOOD.
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Aeon--SoulProfessional General Artist
Well, your guess is not too off the mark.
We haven't been doing any specific character-centered product lately and we'd want an Alice or Alice-like character to be among the best on the market.
This is something we cannot do right now, but we do want to get back to doing characters-related products. Our dirts were the first step in that direction and as soon as we can manage our workload/releases a little better we definitely want to do more!
Not much of an answer, but that's what's going on behind the scenes :)!
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Hey, I appreciate the information, regardless! I know all about the "we want to do this, but can't right now" aspect of things (case in point, the RPG material I write - we get so many requests to do things we just don't have time for... but we want to! One day!).

I'm sure you hear this a lot, but I am really grateful that you make your clothing items compatible with one another. I know that's a lot of extra work, but it's a step that so many other creators don't bother to do. It shows a real strong dedication to your craft, and I appreciate it. :)

Will you be doing anything with dForce dynamics, or possibly outfits with more volumetric details? "Poofy" skirts, hoops, etc?
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Aeon--SoulProfessional General Artist
Ah, that's nice. My partner worked on some RPG content many years ago (unpublished though, other times, other times) for Cyberpunk 2020.
And yeah, there's always so many things on your plate and you need to juggle between what makes commercial sense, what you like and want, what can recoup you some money or time... and some things just never find the right moment to happen!

Well, at this point it kind of comes naturally, but there's some things we plan to enhance versatility and compatibility.
At the end of the day, is probably most of style that is consistent and makes our products consistent as well.

It's unlikely that we will ever create a d-force only set, since if we want to do something that dynamic we use Marvellous and it offers to many possibilities we can't limit ourselves to just d-force :).
As a matter of fact our next product is like this. It can work without d-force in most instances, but it does include d-force aparmeters and for the more extreme movement morphs d-force is required for proper fitting.
So that is probably the approach we prefer for d-force.
Mh, I don't know if we're ever going to do that kind of skirts, it depends on the clothing style we want to create, but it does not seem the kind of design element we'd use.