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Kermit sketches 02

Here, have some more Kermit doodles 
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For some reason this looks like if Kermit was animated in the style of "wander over yonder"

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This makes me wish that there was an animated Muppets series drawn in this style. I would watch the CRAP out of it. :D

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I love the energy and humor! :+fav:
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Love your take on Kermit! You really put a unique spin on him! 
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Dude, this looks great. I would love to watch an animated series or some shorts that look like this!
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i will gladly take more Kermit doodles, and maybe some gonzo ones too ;)
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you forget other expression. this one ---> Kermit the staring frog 
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Very nice facial expression sketches.
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Love the liveliness. Awesome job. 
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1st beautiful 
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I would watch an Muppet series with this art style.

Love the expressions of Kermit
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Top right Kermit: "NO IT IS NOT A COOKIE!"
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3rd Chance you know!

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I can see a new animated Muppet series in this style :D

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I normally hate it when someone cartoonizes a character like this but you've really got a great sense of Kermit and how to put him in the style. Nicely done! :D (I've been a character/prop designer and storyboard artist in television for many years. Just for some credentials.)
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Now those are some awesome expressions for good old Kermit. ^u^
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Are you gonna sketch other Muppets? 
Sorry if I offended you 
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Surprised there's not more Muppet animated stuff besides Muppet Babies.

At least that I know of.  Discord Emoji - Thinking 
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This is that kind of extra oomph in style the animated segments of Little Muppet Monsters needed (not that it would've saved the show itself).
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Hoooooooooooly calorie intake...that is amazing. 
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These are fantastic! Although it'd be the icing on the cake if you ever feeling like doodling this face ---> :iconwhatdidyoujustsayplz: ;P
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