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September 23, 2008
Sky Driving by ~Aeoll is smooth, vibrant, and an exceptional sci-fi piece. I find myself lost in all its details and finesses. The suggester's words: "It's one of those pictures that always catches my attention, every time I browse his page. I can imagine working with perspective was really hard, while everything seems to be flawless and of perfect quality. It's almost like a high quality screenshot from the fifth element. Awesome!"
Featured by IreneLangholm
Suggested by ErikShoemaker
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Sky Driving

3 or 4 weekends of on and off manipulation, airbrushing, colouring and editing. Oh and thats the family car, with some *ahem* minor modifications ;)

Give me a shout if you would like a wallpaper version- I might upload one if theres enough interest :)

:iconasaph70: (lots from here :) )
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Crazzywriter's avatar
You could make someting similar with a Toyota corolla of 2005? {If you are interested i take a picture of the car}
Crazzywriter's avatar

It's a citroen C5...

nice job... it looks amazing

Dzhulyet's avatar
Very good art!
ExisttoCreate's avatar
Awesome work, you have been featured: [link]
guitarsword15's avatar
Simply put? Too awesome
Tohan4u's avatar
I like this very much!
neverdying's avatar
This is really. All the images are well blended. Great work. :)
SiHu96's avatar
nice vid i think you would like this vid:) [link]
Flupser's avatar
reminds me of the movie with bruce willis the fifth element ^^ the taxi driver
Kahdrim's avatar
Really cool work!
The--Kyza's avatar
This is GREAT!! WOW :D
PandoraKeks's avatar
It reminds me of the movie The Fifth Element?
great work!
yanness's avatar
i'd love to have it as wallpaper as well... impressive work, btw!
mavrosa's avatar
Very good job man .Where did you find images to do this manipulation. Can you give me link for car photo. Thanks :)
AliYaqooob's avatar
Wow., you blown me away actually.
I'm impressive.
looks fantastic. :D
VTuning's avatar
Hey! That is awesome job dude! What program you use?
sugarstack's avatar
The shaver in the front still makes me lol.
TwoFacedJoker's avatar
Peugot 206! Fly little French car fly away!
Aeoll's avatar
Its a Citroen :)
TwoFacedJoker's avatar
Yeah, I figured as much. I didn't realize until I took a closer inspection of the front grille after my post. Excellent job by the way!
kty-3's avatar
Still no wallpaper version :(
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