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Evoke Application Piece

The main piece for my application to the Evokeone art group.
I had a lot of fun making this, so I hope its a lot of fun to look at :)

Stocks: sxc. hu
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well done, did you get in?
crymz's avatar
simply incredible:)
m1ss-e's avatar
how od you incorporate all different images into one and get all the tones right?

do you know any tutorials? where did you learn
love your work :) keep it up
FaresH's avatar
The EVK part is the best,but,the stocks on the background are poorly manipulated,nonetheless,it's fine!
alex-xs's avatar
great .. nice
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SuperFex's avatar
did you get in?
Aeoll's avatar
Not on the application this was made for. I got into on the 2nd attempt though :)
SuperFex's avatar
thats good then :)
radu-jm's avatar
Great piece!
Lovely colors... amazing concept!
AbuNawafJr's avatar
Fatalysm's avatar
looking back at this, i think it would have bin better if you

1. added water around the dolphin (just doesn't look natural)

but thats the only thing i dont like about it....the rest is awesome
Aeoll's avatar
I haven't looked back at this for a while. I can think of many things I hate about it and I'd change, but to be honest I can't be bothered :P

Glad you still like it though :)
j3concepts's avatar
well done mate.
Jokkzter's avatar
Have u used cinema4d? I fucking love this anyways. great job dude:)
Aeoll's avatar
Never used C4D myself, I'm a 2D guy :D

Thanks for the comment!
Jokkzter's avatar
Oh okey, brilliant work tho :)
Pdgfx's avatar
awesome man

did u make the text with 3d software?
Aeoll's avatar
Nope, all Photoshop :)
Pdgfx's avatar
really great job then man!

you made it in?
dotbend's avatar
hell i go with the crowd and say this is awesome i faved it already but now i would really appreciate it if you can give me some tips how to make the EVK part the stones you know i rly want to learn how to do this kind of stuff and it would come really handy for me :) maybe you can send me a note or somethin?
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