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MvsC Poster 3 Process



**Colors UPDATE**

Colors are done! Spidey's black suit is so easy so colo when you're inking is on the ball. I think I like the black variant a lot better.

I don't really know how I feel about this piece. At the same time it's all over the place, and then I look at it again and think, "Spot on, old chap!"

Yes, today I'm Rex Harrison. Naughty, naughty!

Colors on Photoshop CS3 with Wacom Intuos 9x12, pencils nib.

**Inks UPDATE**

This is coming along well, I think.

I figured I'd offer the customer a Christmas present and give him a black suit variant. Plus, Spidey's black suit is always so sexy and fun to draw.

I know it's a Marvel vs. Capcom poster but the customer decided to throw in that emo Kyo from King of Fighters at the last minute. Now that I think about it, we shoulda put Morrigan in there somewhere...

What? You can't go wrong with boobs.

Pencils and inks on vellum finish bristol.

Ken Masters and Felicia are property of Capcom Co.
Spider-man and Psylocke are property of Marvel Entertainment Inc.
Kyo Kusanagi is property of who-gives-a-shit Inc.
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Thanks for showing us your progress. I like when artists do that.

I agree, the black one does look better.