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Lince or Aeni
Alt. Account: Polkadopt

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First comic ever below
>>> <<<
^^^ this is really old but you can read it anyway QvQ

Hello I'm Lince (but you can also call me Aeni) and I like dad jokes and weird solutions to take care of my health
I'm also your stereotypical average person who is always in the background to avoid making that space look empty (just pay attention next time, it might be me. I usually get hit by something that happened on the foreground).
Be respectful and you'll earn my respect! And if you think I can ever be of any help, let me know! I like to leave reviews on art when I have an opportunity, and I love constructive criticism!
Stay in school. See you later!


Hi, I think it's time for a little update from my part. I'm going through some life transitions and still have to leave personal projects and my activity here idle for a while, but everything is okay.
I'm changing college courses, leaving psych behind and aiming for graphic design, and I already feel much, much better about it. It's going to be a online course, so I won't have to hurt myself everyday to get to college anymore. And I'm finally accepting and respecting my condition as a physically limited person, not feeling bitter and hopeless about it anymore. Grandma crafted me a temporary pair of crutches with broom sticks lol she's awesome. My uncle said he would provide me a real pair of crutches soon. It feels heartwarming to have a supportive family, and supportive friends as well, and not feel like my condition is a reason for shame. Not in the world we live in today. And I thank God I have this kind of help.
So that's pretty much it! I'm still not totally active but I'm always up for a chat or to help with anything if you think I can! Hope you guys stay well and take care.
Hello! So this is a little sudden, and I apologise for
that. The thing is that I'm trying and doing my best to help a friend out. The thing is that he is in an abusive situation at his home. This is what's happening is you want to give it a read: 
I could really use everyone's help.Alright well, How should I put this, Basically, my world is falling apart, and up until now I have been keeping it a secret because I have been trying to handle it myself or within my personal circle. I didn't wish to be a burden on others or even my friends, but despite all that I have tried and done I couldn't do it alone, and it has only gotten worse, though I have only been able to delay it's worsening.
Me, my Mom, and My sister have all been living in a Mentally abusive household, and we are doing all we can to get out under the circumstances and with the fact that our brains are pretty fried and we are pretty worse for wear when it comes to being able to do normal work. We have already applied to where we could, and already called everyone we could, and this isn't a situation in which we could just call the cops. But I have already called CPS for my sister and we are waiting for them to do what they can.
I've been holding on to my beliefs and faith in God, and I believe we have b

Apparently, nothing can be done about it until they go through violence or physical abuse, and I really don't want that to happen for him and his family to be safe. So if you can help by commissioning me or even spreading this, I thank you with all my heart.

This is a PayPal deal only. I don't have a PayPal myself, the money will be sent directly to him. I'm willing to do any art style that pleases you and you can find in my gallery. If you want a specific art style I've done before or anything else specific, let me know. Otherwise it will be standard fullbody picture with black lineart, shading and highlights, and simple improvised background.

Pay what you think it's worth, or what you have and can pay. I don't mind how much it is, as long as you can help. Once again, my sincere thanks.

Featuring this here as well for the same cause:  Bug bug Pay what you want (Paypal OPEN) by Polkadopt
Spidelle (Broken Web OC) Ref
Eyy I made a Broken Web OC ;v;
This all takes part in SpyralAtelier' s universe and story btw!

Name: Spidelle
Age: 11 months old
Gender: Female
Identification: Sentient (anomaly)
Gem: Hemimorphite
Powers/Abilities: Shape shifter- Spidelle can summon up to 8 extra limbs that work like human arms. Spider webs: Just like a spider, she is able to craft relatively resistent webs that can either come handy or cover up your room corners. Transparency: She is able to pass through solid objects at will. Floating: despite being away from the ground most of the time, Spidelle is only able to float so far. She can't reach places too high from the ground and needs to rest sometimes.
Personality: Very simple minded and docile, Spidelle will be hesitant at first around strangers, but once she gets used to them she will take a lot of liberty with them. She loves head pats and attention, and specially compliments, and hardly gets offended or holds grudges (even though she can form strong opinions and has her own sense of wrong and right). Despite that tranquility, she is perfectly able to sense danger and when one of her fellows is under risk, and immediately takes her defensive form. Her fangs hold no venom, but they can hurt, and she will use spider webs in her attempts to corner enemies. She will also wrap something in spider webs if she feels possessive of it or if it's food and she wants to save it for later.

Backstory (all credit to SpyralAtelier for writing it and helping me with brainstorming it):

Spidelle is an Anomalous Sentient recently born into the Web.
Like most Anomalies, she was rejected by her two parents and thus sent to the local orphanage.
For more than half a year, she was being raised by the caretakers, yet no parent(s) was eager enough to adopt her.

During the War of the Broken Web Incident, massive amounts of destruction and conflict hit her area.
Those who awaited adoption, and the ones caring for them, had no choice but to evacuate the building and area. The managers did their best to keep the children in check, but not all were gathered or found during the evacuation procedure; Spidelle was one of those missing children.

Wandering on her own, it was quite the miracle that she was not dead or injured from any gunfire, explosion or close encounters.
She made her way to a Battery Power Plant (partly damaged and extracted of its contents).
In this Power Plant, she found refuge, making it her home for the next couple of months.
As her battery drained, she would simply restore it by siphoning from the numerous preserved canisters of energy... but there was bound to be no canisters left some day... 

After a while of dwelling in the Plant, the Kill-0-Bytes discovered her while on one of their civilian escort missions. In fact, she was the primary target.
Realizing how she was an anomaly, like them, and that she couldn’t easily be assimilated into the cold, cruel society (at the time), the four decided to take her in. Since then, Spidelle has been a very helpful companion and source of stress relief, akin to a household pet, but with more value.
As cute as she may be, she is also an excellent guardian and diversion artist, as her ghastly, spider form can cause great terror in her enemies with ease.

The Kill-0-Bytes have affectionately nicknamed her “Chicken Legs” due to how her eight arms (in arachnid form) remind them of such. Code was originally the first to come up with it (and somewhat regrets the decision), but since then, the name has stuck.

Here's some scenarios of Code calling her "chicken leg":

Outcome #1:
Outcome #2:



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