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A registration of the exhibition 'Suskewiet - an exhibition of strange birds', by Sjon Brands and Martijn de Boer, may 5th - may 8th 2011, in a small chapel in Tilburg (The Netherlands).…
(short movie)
A registration of the exhibition 'Temptation' by Kyrhan Bernadina and Martijn de Boer at Kunstpodium T in Tilburg (The Netherlands). From 23 july till august 2009.…
Happy new year to all!
I support :icongrow-the-fck-up:
Small movies

Lately I've been busy making small (non-pretentious) movies of my neighbourhood, mostly of forest area's. The movies are in dutch, and you can find them at YouTube:… to my YouTube account… to the 'Biking' Playlist

Together with pictures I make, the movies are an attempt to introduce nature into my work.