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I Wait For You

By Aenami
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Cover art 🎵softy - Sometimes I Wait For You ⠀

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UniHidNew Deviant


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K4tCGNew Deviant
Wow! Is this from a picture? I love it with my heart 💗
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KorbickNew Deviant

I love that this can be looked at from different perspectives. Is the sun rising and she is waiting for something of the day or is the sun setting and she waits for a denizen of the night?

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Beautiful and moving work!! Thank you!,
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EmmEeveeNew Deviant

OMG, when I first saw this I thought it was a photograph! Great work here!

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This a gorgeous and contemplative image. It both exudes hope and despair and makes the viewer wonder who she is waiting for. I write poetry, short stories, and so forth, and I love the poetic nature of your illustration. Would you mind if I used your image with my poetry? I would give you credit, of course. Thanks for considering! :)

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essentialistdevNew Deviant

Wow, this is so beautiful. Just started to learn digital painting (couple days ago), and joined DeviantArt today. This was the first project while scrolling that made me stop speechless. Woww!

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marcahuasiNew Deviant


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deadlykitten0101New Deviant
Excuse me for asking this but is most stuff on here actually hand drawn??? Cause this stuff is insane and It just baffles me that someone could draw this
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Silexa6New Deviant

i love that style <3

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i-am-bluefireHobbyist General Artist

I love the mood and lighting here.

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maggie8802New Deviant

I can’t find in the print shop so can’t get it printed 😞

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How detail! I like this mood.

Could I ask you which tool you use?

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MisterMistrzHobbyist Photographer

Beautiful pink heart bullet

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Don't wait, hun! I'm chasing my dreams and won't be back soon... :D btw. stunning artwork!

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Very lovely indeed!

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metalixx96Hobbyist Digital Artist

im your fan ♥

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Wing (left) Wow ~ I want this picture Wing (right)

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Holy shit. Amazing detail and mood!

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Magnificent. Superb light effect and glint

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FALLENV3GASHobbyist Digital Artist

Beautiful :heart:

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ClaytoneCarpeProfessional Writer

Très réussi ! ^^

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