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July 14, 2019
Horizon by Aenami
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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gabriella68246's avatar

Which program did you use?

DharmikR's avatar

Wow! this is amazing. never seen a art like this before.

keep it up!

MrSpicyMan's avatar

I don't know why, but this artwork just hits a nostalgic spot for me.

Absent-1's avatar

not sure what I love more, the clouds or the reflection at the bottom. Fantastic work!

za4em9's avatar

Hmm... Nice study of light and color. Reminds me of West Virginia in the summer...

You definitely have a talent, keep on rocking, buddy!

Terrific work, can't thank you enough for releasing these in Full HD

spiraloso's avatar

This is just gorgeous! Well done!!!!!

Majestic beauty wow

Me encanta!! Al verlo siento que estoy dentro del paisaje, caminando sobre el charco de agua, sin dejar de mirar las nubes!!! <3

bubanek's avatar

Can you release it in 2560x1440 please?

spiraloso's avatar

Terrific work!!

xIxIVIxIx's avatar

Me and my friend used to get us some coffee and then go for an adventure where ever the road takes us. This brings some sweet memories. 😁

It`s just so coooooooooooooool ~

BristlefrostxRootpaw's avatar

I love it! this is amazing, Keep up the stunning artwork :)

RyanBGrantMills's avatar

This is beautiful. Absolutely stunning!

AnthiSookie's avatar

i have no words..this is amazing, words cannot describe how AWESOME THIS IS Clap

Tarmika's avatar



Pookie-2-Steph's avatar
Bright, vibrant, and gorgeous! Great job!
YukoValis's avatar

I had a dream like this. Some roadside diner in the middle of nowhere. but it was a corn field on the other side. Everytime I dream and go back to that diner, something about it changes.

SomeGrace's avatar
You know what's best about this? How you manipulated it in order to create a perspective that would be impossible in real life, but just imperceptible enough that it seems natural.
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