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At Last

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OMG this is so great done. Beautiful colors.


Just two words: LOVE IT <3

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i loved this art

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Curious how the observer's eye is drawn towards the sun, beyond the pair. Not entirely sure how you accomplished that, perhaps it is the choice of the infinity point. Oh, and very nice study of light and reflections, as always.

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Wow this is Soooo pretty!!!!
May I please use this image for a card???(it will only go to one person I promise)
And I will take no credit for the image at all

I love your work! <3 I have used your art in my video and shared link in description. Hope you good with that ;) Peace

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I love this story, from subject to colors!


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your style is amzingly cool and satisfying to watch, I am deeply impressed

This is so beautiful. Glad to see it in this lifetime.


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Gives me the feels.

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IK u don't reply to any of the comments n all that but I want u to know that I use this art in one of my youtube music videos hope u won't mind ty.. link r down below if u ever like to see^^;

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Something about the image.

Are you on Fiverr?, I am interested in art like this

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Wow! beautiful work!

Something we all long for .. So beautifully created

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Beautiful reunion

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Одного дня ми повернемося додому!

Однажды мы вернёмся домой!
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I'm speechless <3
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