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When Master came back home

"Come! Take a bath with me" Giggle :D (Big Grin) Love 
So, If you want the NSFW version of this pic, Please support me on Patreon to get it!Hug
Thank you so much!
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...very nice work.

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What a lucky woman Ayumi Nosebleed Icon  
I like the style and the drawings. Very great !!!
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aenaluck How old is Master??? 

By the way I want to ask you do you think old guys with gray hair can still have sex appeal? If so can you explain why?

Like do they have to be super buff and tall in order to still be considered attractive or is it their experience and a mature personality??? 
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He is bisexual, Doesn't he?
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If I had someone like that, I would fuck the shit out of him every day and I wouldn't even leave the bedroom. I would eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed and I would spend the entire day doing....
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 Sorry, you can't fuck the shit out of him because Master is definitely a TOP so he would be fucking the shit out of you lollll
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It's hilarious that you actually thought you could fuck Master tho LOLLLLL 
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Thanks for the laugh lol 
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I agree with you a thousand percent
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WARNING: He's hung AF! Super hot! :drool:
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I'm literally fall in love!

I want moooore about her and him >.< 
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O God, he i so hot! And she is very beautiful, but I prefer him xD
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Aaaaw~ She wants Masteeer to take a baaath *winkwink*
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Awe, I love these two! Love it. 
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She's so lucky!!! He's so amazing!!!!
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uhhh i would love to swapp places with her ^^
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I... I just can't right now....

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Your comment just made me bust out laughing lol
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