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Quick drawing

By aenaluck
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Quick drawing on my new iPad Pro used Procreate.🤗🤗
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wow this is digital!? Wow! 
it seems almost an engraving technique.... very amazing drawing :clap:
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OMG! this is amazing!! Love 
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This is incredibly well done and well detailed!
Genuine question - how did you become so good at proportions/anatomy and art in general? Your art style is probably my absolute favorite for its clean technique and "realistic" look (they look like people, though with top tier bodies obviously).

I'd love to be able to draw to this same level of quality and style for stories of my own I have written and am working on, as well as for games and whatnot. So as an aside, is there a guide you have on how to draw like THIS? No intent to steal your style, just would love to be able to produce art like this for personal projects.

Alternate question - do you take commissions?

Anyways, you're awesome and I am always impressed by your pieces. Looking forward to seeing more.
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This looks amazing! :D

The level of detail is impressive in this piece~
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This reminds me a looooot of Terminator
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Amazing! I wish i could draw men this good.
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very good job guy !!!
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OMG, and this was quick! That's talent! How long did it take?
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Your clothes...give them to me. 
SamwiseTheAwesome's avatar
I had the same thought!
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Great anatomical work!
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The fact you did this quick just solidifies your talent as that is crazy good ! :heart:
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It looks like one of Michael Stokes’ photos 😍Wonderful as always!
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ahhhh which brush did you use for this? :D
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stunning and beautiful anatomy here.
Absolutely artistic and wonderful.
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"Quick drawing"
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God I love your work so much. You inspire me.
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:omg: Wow he looks like a statue! The lighting (shading) make him look like a photo :winner:
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