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Carlnes shower~~

100% Finish!^^ 

Finally! I have my patreon page! So, You guys can give me support and see a lot of rewords from my art work, Including comic, step by step, tutorial,and  some secret version of my work in every months!
(If you guys are interested)
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If I believed in reincarnation I would like to come back as this guy.
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Terrific abs ! oO
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I am literally drooling going through your gallery!!!!
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Helllllooooo SIR! XDDD

SEXY SEXY SEXY! And did I mention sexy? XDDD
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It is a fantastic work from an incredible artist. Awesome.
graydama's avatar
Yes he's handsome but that lighting is beautiful! :love:
clumsydemonwithfire's avatar
Whoa, this is really amazing! The colors and the lighting is so perfect. Love the background too~ :D
JAV1966's avatar
He is so totally hot. Amazing job.
NefariousAngel69's avatar
I love how you softly diffused the background... Oh, who am I kidding, just drop the towel and let me at him!!!
kiryulover97's avatar
snoopdoudydog's avatar
Very good work !!!
The-Ally-Frost's avatar
He seems like a Dothraki <3
chamucasdelamor69's avatar
HOLY SHIEET thats some serious Skills! 
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i paid to kibbitzer 35$ in patreon

and receive  reference sheets

april only  6 drawing

feb  6sheets

old  reference  125 sheets
only that is all
one drawing  is 1$


is there anyone   receive the same ??

bloodyaarice's avatar
hmmmmm yassss *_*
nemi-hime's avatar
aenaluck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you owe me a new keyboard!!!!!! i ruined mine by drooling on it,
had to borrow one to type this ^^;
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I totally love this char... It's my favourite of yours... And your art are getting hotter. Omg, I love it <3 
GreySparkle's avatar
yey,,, in colour.... love it
Unrequitedalways's avatar
You are seriously having a detrimental effect on my heart rate with your amazing artwork...sigh!
Umbra-ShadowWeaver08's avatar
to be in the shadows that moment *wistful sighs*
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