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Aemiliana Magnus at the studio creative process by AemilianaMagnus, visual art

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Aemiliana Magnus art is influenced by various artists, cultures, architecture, poetry and historical figures. She uses motifs that suggest Greek mythology, Middle Eastern architecture, European baroque, while constantly seeking for new approaches and developing unique visual language both original and representative of her inner sense to art creation. Her large drawings are produced using oil on canvas, ink, pencils and markers on paper.
In each narrative, Aemiliana herself plays a shape-shifting, feminine protagonist a goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation Aphrodite, a playful mistress of the king of sun, a mysterious hostess of the enchanted palace grand ball - whose experiences reflect the fictional characters become part of a collective emotional reality.
The fantasy and enigmatic scenarios she creates, are pulling you to the fictional world of beauty, elegance, and grace, dominated by feminine delicacy unfortunately neglected by the homogenization of contemporary society at the hands of social media and its never-ending curated personas.
Embracing the divine creation and a commitment to represent eternal beauty and sumptuous feminine elegance, Aemiliana seeks to grant through her creations never-ending harmony, exquisiteness and allure wrapped in a veil of mystery. Her subjects appear elegant and poised, but upon closer inspection, a boldness and dominance reveal itself in the solemn expressions and searing gazes of her fantasy character personalities.
Aemilianas work emerges from her research of powerful and fearsome female and male figures in history and ancient tales, such as the Marquise de Pompadour, at the 17th-century kings Louis XIV court, Russian monarch Catherine the great, the last active ruler of Ptolemaic Egypt queen Cleopatra and many others. She uses this historical framework to construct environments and situations that enliven the past, using it as a model to question contemporary society formations and desires. Through an exploration of such concepts as power, femininity, identity and culture, she raises the question about the fact that woman has lost their charm and Feminine delicacy by constantly trying emerging herself into the light of transcendence, being part of the eternal battle between a feminine and the masculine, replying to male lack of confidence in female by assuming an aggressive attitude while they both denying mutual recognition.
Aemiliana mastered the endless possibilities of computer graphics for her paintings, designs, and conceptual art enriching her organic-surreal visual imagery by complex architectural structures and artifacts. She began to design her compositions with a 3D visualization software, with complex spaces and perspectives and completely artificial arrangement of space and light, consequently founded within this fusion to her very unique and distinctive style. Aemiliana attempts translating these virtual concepts into paint, seeking to give them form and substance, bringing them out of their virtual state to a substantial manifestation.
Prior to her decision to commit full time to her personal works, Aemiliana had new adult coloring book "Magical Garden" published, as author and illustrator. The Book takes you on a visual journey into a fantasy garden, filled with the imaginative, intricately detailed surrealistic illustrations of flowers and plants, animals and nature-inspired patterns. By entering the mysterious gates to the Magical Garden you will be swept away in the fantasy inky adventure.
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