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flufflesauce got me! 
I'm just going to say I am so bad at tagging, so if you see this and want to play, by all means, jump on board. 

1. Nickname?

Andie | Ghosty | Drea

2. Gender?


3. Star sign?


4. Height?


5. Sexuality? 


6. Hogwarts house?

Depends on the test, but I tend to jump between a Slytherin and Ravenclaw. 

7. Favorite animal?

Snake. Hands down.

8. Average hours spent sleeping?

hmm... 8? 9ish? 10 if I'm feeling real lazy? 

9. Dogs or cats?

Dogs for sure. 

10. Which of your own arts is your favorite and why?

Just Kiss Me by AEMcAuley

This is the first time I saw my style change to what it's becoming today, so it has a soft spot in my heart. Plus, it's of two characters I love so much, even if the girl isn't mine X3.

11. What’s your dream trip?
Travel to New Zealand and see the sets to Lord of the Rings.

12. What’s your dream job?

I'm never good with this question, but as of this moment in time, I would love to have my writing career kick off. That or work in mortuary affairs. Just hang out with dead people, you know, like you do.

13. When did you make this account?

1 year ago. My first account from back in high school was ice097, then I was jackofalltrades0097, and now I'm just boring and going by my pen name. 

14. Do you watch anime, if so what is your favorite?
Yep! I love so many it's hard to pick. I jump between stuff that's so sweet it can melt your brain like My Love Story, to the more serious animes like Darker Than Black, or I'll watch the classics like Trigun. Netflix also put out some good ones recently, like Violet Evergarden, so like I said, it's hard to pick. 

15. How many pets do you have?

I've got my big mastiff Zeus, and my "small dog" yellow lab, Hank. Zeus is only called that because he wouldn't answer to anything else, but usually we name our pets after X-men characters.

16. What’s your eye color?


17. Favourite ice cream?

Mint chocolate chip, pistachio, or if I can find some, lemon and/or raspberry sorbet.

18. How often do you read?

I go through weird times of zero reading, to reading all the books ever, so it just depends on my mood. Last year I only finished 8 books though, so I could stand to read more. 

19. Favourite study locations?

Coffee shops, the library, or at my kitchen table.

20. Favourite Bands/Musical Artists?

Florence + The Machine, Bastille, Ninja Sex Party, and idk... that lofi hip hop channel on youtube XD. 

21. If you have OCs who is your favorite and why?

Besides my many RP babies, I'd have to say my boy Tony. 

Anthony Age 17 by AEMcAuley

I think his growth from the wide eyed, representation of my MC's innocence, to sad lonely adult is one I've spent a lot of time developing. His wings are too small to fly, he never romantically connects with anyone, and he's constantly being treated like a child. The fact that he over comes so much, even though all he wants to do is give up, really makes me love him over some of my less developed characters.  

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