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Hey all!! 

Although I had some issues with Blurb not getting the book through Ingram to be published to online retailers, I got in contact with them and managed to get it through :D

You can now get Cambalache I at amazon:…

See a preview of the edition here ->…

It covers the first four chapters plus some extra artwork.
Big news! 

I'm preparing to release the first three issues of Cambalache on print through Blurb and Lulu.
I'm re-editing and re-lettering the chapters - and will be working on some additional goodies to add.

They will be released at the latest by mid October so stay tuned!
As one Agent Cooper would've said... He-lloooo-oooo!

I have the honor of being part of this amazing group of emerging writers brought together by the incomparable Emmet Kiernan (also known as SurgeryHead if you're into darkwave) to create a collection of post-apocalyptic/apocalyptic themed stories - Break the Walls of Heaven

If you'd like to check it out (and I recommend you do, all the writers are class ;) ) there's a free PDF version here

And if you'd prefer a hardcopy version, there's always the option to buy it from Lulu (I haven't received mine yet but I can tell you it looks great!) here
Hey guys! A big hi to all the new watchers and another big hi to ye olde timers :D
Just wanted to let you know about this amazing grotesque/guro/dark art zine called Nansensu of which I'm proud to say that I'm a collaborator in their #1 issue. 
So check it out if you're interested in gorgeous dark art by indie artists ;) 
It's been a long time since I last published something here, but I wanted to give a quick update on my current projects and life situation.

I moved to Ireland at the end of February to live with my boyfriend (the same I met at 4chan's /x/ - isn't it a perfect love story? lol), finally finished university and graduated as an engineer, and managed to land a new job. Been kind of checking out the gallery scene around here; my idea is to score at least one exhibition here by the end of the year. 

As for projects, I'm currently working on the first chapter of Smokes and Mirrors, a fancomic of Constantine and Simon King of the Witches. A brainchild of my boyfriend and me and the weird little fascination we have with both characters. We're still not sure what to do with that - we kind of want to show it to DC (cheeky motherfuckers we are). 

As for Cambalache, I still have to finish the script for the third chapter. Not planning to advance that until I finish Smokes and Mirror's first chapter. So far what I'm doing is just cleaning up the first chapter a little bit. I'm definitely going to try and get it published. 

Finally; I'm also going to take part in Nansensu, a fanzine published by Nonsense press with a small comic and a couple of illustrations. All I can say they're pushing the envelope when it comes to yuckiness :)

And that's it, for now. 
Hey everyone! I've updated my commission info for the holidays. 

Lineart/sketch (no color) - 15 USD
Siniestro by aelur
1/2 figures + simple background. 

Colored Sketch - 20 USD
you little shits by aelur
Flat colors + 1/2 figures + no background 

Colored Sketch with Background - 30 USD

Flat colors/minimal shading + 1 figure or 2 figures with minimal background

Simple digital painting - 65 USD
Plague Doctor by aelur
Colored + Background AND one figure OR minimal background and two figures

Digital Painting - 100 USD

Embrace by aelur
Colored + background + 1/2 figures, if there's more price goes up.

I can also be found at artistsnclients

Terms of Service
I will provide illustration services in 2D. This will include a preliminary design for each picture, up to three requests for alterations to be notified in the space of two days following the delivery of the design. Once the design is approved, the final product will be delivered between the early and late proposed deadlines. This deadline is subject to alteration in proportion to the design time. After delivery, I will take up to two requests for minor alterations (color, details).
Only accepting Paypal at the moment.
Hey everyone! I don't know if you remember, but some time ago I posted a whole bunch of character designs for a comic I was planning to do. So after a whole lot of comings and goings, and trying to decide the visual style for the pages, I've finally started posting it. I'll post it here as well, but the DA interface is probably not the best one for comic reading so here's the ComicFury page for Cambalache. 

So, what is Cambalache anyway?

I'm shit at deciding the titles for my stories, mainly because I tend to try and write so many things into them that I just can't summarize it with one title. And this story was going to have a whole lot of different things that I wanted to play with, that while drafting it I referred to it as "that potpourri story". 
Cambalache is the name of a tango song I really like, and the word is a lunfardo slang term that used to refer to a shop where they sold second-hand trinkets of any kind of origin, a kind of low-class potpourri. And that's what the story is, a bunch of characters and plots that go together like the trinkets at a cambalache. Old, bitter, melancholic and waiting for something that will give them a new shine. 
It's about the paranormal, it's got fantasy and horror elements, but it's mainly a sort of coming-of-age alchemic story. It's based on many things that I've seen happen and that have happened to me in the past 6 or 7 years. I'm shit at trying to explain it, but I guess the tl;dr of it would be "boys trying to play the magicians, necrophiliac girls raising the dead and traumatized children giving form to chaos gods".

Who are the main characters?
Those would be Gualicho, a typical nerd who has Lovecraft's entire work, considers himself to be some sort of armchair magician and is generally the kind of dude who with just the right amount of douchebaggery could turn into an A+ fedora wielder; Lucía/Luc, a really sweet, if naive, Colombian girl who chats with Gualicho and daughter of a very wealthy Colombian businessman who doesn't give a flying fuck about her, and Sabrina, a necrophiliac girl who has the very detrimental power of raising the dead.

So yeah, that's the gist of it :D I'd really appreciate it if you could check it out.