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My Long Hair

My hair just barely touches the top of my knee now. I'm so happy! So I decided that I needed to take some current hair pictures. :aww: When I was putting these together it struck me that they look like bookmarks, lol! no I'm not so vain as to start selling bookmarks of my hair, ....but I am immensely pleased. I've finally reached the shortest end of my dream length! :D
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Maria-Yamada's avatar
O___O ... Are you my twin? Because you look similar to me, and we have the same hair...
Letitbelong's avatar
I wish your long hair dreams all come true and the hair will give you a lot of joy.:) (Smile) It's nice to have a look at your hair.
Hello, what a beautiful hair. I would hope to live close to you, because I could help you with all that very long hair. For cares and all ... but unfortunately we are too far. However felicitations for your hair, I LOVE it very much. I hope you will maintain it that lenght, not cut it, and even let it grow more, of course if it will grow so ... do you look like a Princess
unlockedthoughts's avatar
If I had a bookmark with your hair, it would be my favorite bookmark. 
VoltinaSnape's avatar
I hate you, bitch!!! * she goes to a dark corner and cry*
your hair is the dream of every woman, I totally envy you! do you do something special for it  grow like that? tell me your secrets, please! I always wanted to have hair like you, but never grew beyond the middle of my back :(
aelthwyn's avatar
aww....  Mine seemed to stop growing once it reached waist length for a number of years, then somehow started growing again.  It's definitely been a slow process.  I've read that humid climates are good for hair growth and I feel like I have noticed that since moving from california to oregon.  Other than that, umm... I trim it myself maybe once or twice a year, if I'm bored I'll clip individual split ends with a nail clipper, I comb it mainly just with my hands rather than a brush because I feel like I can be gentler and also better at distributing the natural oils, if I do use a brush it's a boar bristle one, I keep it in a braid a lot of the time to prevent it from getting tangled.  I suppose nutrition probably influences hair growth, though I don't really pay that much attention to it though I'm not a huge junk-food person, and I imagine genetics is also involved which obviously there's not much one can do about. If you haven't already you might check out which has a community of people dedicated to growing out and taking care of their hair. I think I recall they had haircare guides as well as members who share their own tips and tricks.  I haven't been on there in years, but I recall it being a good site.  
VoltinaSnape's avatar
I did not know that website (English is not my native language) go to visit now!
I also believe that genetics should be important to all our hair grows at different rates.
I had a very strong anorexia so my body is almost empty of vitamins and that, I will improve my diet to see if I notice any difference, thanks for your tips! :)
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welcome :aww: and good luck!  I always love to hear of people growing their hair out.
ZeroChainYuy's avatar
Wow, so pretty!  I am glad I am not the only one trying to grow out my hair.  I would have never cut it, but my dad never like long hair on me.  Now that I don't live with dad, I can grow my hair till it reaches the floor ^_^  Good luck with your lovely hair.
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thank you! and good luck growing yours out as well :D
ResidentEvilHetalia's avatar
-touches my hair- my hair is to my chin ;_; i told my dad to cut it just above my shoulder (it was to the bottom of my shoulder blades- but he cuts it like a bob -_- I'm scared my hair won't grow a bit in time for graduation! Any tips?
aelthwyn's avatar
my hair grows pretty slowly, so I can't say I have any fast growing tips other than that it seeems like it grows a little faster in humid/rainy climates - though that's not something easy to control.
ResidentEvilHetalia's avatar
I could always try mane and tail shampoo...
bornahorse's avatar
I love love love love love love love LOVE your hair! What's your secret?
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haha, thank you so much :aww:, I don't really do that much, it's just been many years of letting it grow out.  I have found that living in a damp climate seems to help it grow better, and I usually detangle/brush it with my fingers instead of a brush because I feel like I'm able to prevent ripping it and it seems to help distribute the oils from the top down to the bottom better.  
Hallebardes's avatar
You... Exactly look like my ex gf ? It's uncanny.
aelthwyn's avatar
really?  now I want to see my long lost twin, hehe ;P :aww:
ErwinVanDamme's avatar
that's really dream-hair!!! keep it long forever
aelthwyn's avatar
thank you! I do intend to keep it long :D
ErwinVanDamme's avatar
that's very would be shame to cut such beautyfull hair
Your hair is so beautiful, please never cut it.
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:D thank you, I don't intend to ever do so :aww:
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