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My Bio

Hi, I'm Aelius. Just a simple river otter from the southeastern USA.

I consider myself both a writer and artist; in my gallery you're bound to find a lot of characters who are featured in my tales (one of them I'm hoping to turn into a novel soon).

Let's see... what else...

- I'm also a Christian (no worries, I'm not the kind you see on TV)

- Love video games, writing fiction, reading fiction, drawing whatever comes into my mind, listening to music... and simply daydreaming.

- I have Attention Deficit Disorder (without the hyperactivity; it exists ), but I wouldn't really consider it a bad thing...

- Sorry, but I don't RP, here or anywhere else.

And for those interested, I post commissions from other artists in my Scraps gallery. Check 'em out to see if I've commissioned an artist you like

Favourite Visual Artist
WAY too many to name!
Other Interests
Writing, drawing, video games, anthropomorphics (furries)
Hey all! This weekend, I'll be taking part in an Extra Life D&D stream on Twitch! I'll be playing in a one-shot adventure based in the 5e setting called the Beast World, which just completed a very successful Kickstarter for its first adventure module. The stream will be THIS afternoon at 6pm EDT on the Digital Dungeons channel on Twitch. To those curious, the Beast World is a 5e-compatible setting where a mysterious presence called the "Dungeon" seemingly appears out of nowhere in localized regions of the land, and sometimes disappears just as mysteriously. Within, one will find a variety of weird creatures, odd structures, and of course, plenty of exotic loot. Adventurers in this setting are called Delvers, and seek out these incursions for the prospect of glory, riches, knowledge, and/or the protection of innocents from the otherworldly creatures that emerge from it. Since the Dungeon can make an appearance anywhere, Delvers often travel in heavily-modified and customizable
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In case stuff happens, I've got a Carrd site with links to other sites I'm on! Some pages are works in progress (I'm slow to update 'em), and I expect to have more sites added as time goes on and the social media landscape evolves. I'll still be here of course, but in case you're looking for me in other places, inquire within... Now, onto the rest of the update... I had a wonderful time at Anthrocon last month. Met up with a lot of people I haven't seen face-to-face in a year or longer, and even got connected to some potential opportunities I might try out in the future (more details as they come). I'm already looking forward to my next con, which will likely be MFF this year if things pan out. Also, made more Art Show sales this year than I have since before COVID, so I'm jazzed about that. Chatting with a few folks regarding my art, it's really making me consider opening back up for commissions again. If I do, it'll likely be sometime in the Fall when I can get some free time
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Oh hey... I have a Journal here, too... that I keep forgetting to update =p Well, stay tuned for the latest thoughts: Over the past couple months I've pondered how closely my New Atlantis setting fits within the fascinating genre that is Solarpunk. It does focus a lot on a utopian society where futuristic technology and nature have embraced, sustainable living has been achieved, and the prejudices and strife of the past have been abandoned. That being said, New Atlantis steers toward more fantastical elements not typically found in Solarpunk, and a lot of theming is around glowing elements that can't be seen in the day (presence of "solar," y'know?). Plus, the "punk" element is focused more on defiant survival in a mysterious wilderness where unseen dangers prevail, rather than resisting against an establishment present throughout society (I guess the nudity of naturism also has a place in that defiance of norms, too =p ). The themes are similar, but still divergent enough for me to
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hey I can give you a request

Thank you for your interest, but unfortunately I'm not accepting requests at this time.

Happy late X-mas and Happy new Year Aelius24!

'ey, thank you very much ^_^

Well butter my butt and call it bacon! I was just reminiscing about Jewel Vixens the other day, but I had no clue you were actually on this site! Never had an FA account so I was limited to the visitors' gallery for your later work... I've got some catching up to do. :dummy:

Heh! Ah yeah, that brings back memories =P Nice to find another fan here!

Speaking of nostalgia, d'you what jodimest's up to these days? His art accounts haven't seen action in over a decade but I think I saw him active on nexusmods, so at least he's still alive. :B