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Today, 08/09/2013 someone made me so happy :)

Nobody did that for me, and I appreciate that very much.
I just made the Wallpaper (you can find in my gallery) but someone saw on it a beautiful story.

dendoona made this amazing video and I thank it to him a lot.

I hope you like the video!
I share with you

Keep Me Chilled Youtube
FeelGoodEDM Youtube
I would like to share with you that video, I love that song!! haha
I can't stop to sing it ahaha

Hi guys!!
I'm glad to announce that I changed my blog's look!! wiiii I wanted to change it time ago but I didn't have ideas and time to do it.
But now... now I did it, and I translated it to English (for you).
I have to translate some tutorials because today I was tired but tomorrow I'll finish it.
I hope you like and understand it haha I know my English isn't very good so please, if you find a mistake leave a comment.

Again thank you and enjoy with my "new" blog :D

My blog:


Hi all!!

Well i'm doing a page for a game, SevenCore, and i would like to know your opinion about it.
It's my second page (i'll show the first when i finisht it, i have the desing but i have to fix some errors xdd)

the page is that:

I work for the TEC interactive's company like a DEV (developer). I started 2 years ago and I'm very happy because i started to use photoshop doing signatures for people in a forum, it was my hobby!! and now it's more than a hobby, It's a passion!! hahaha.
Now i know people likes my work :)

TEC has some games like Metin2, SevenCore.... and i do the banners to promote the game, banners for events, icons, etc.

so please comment, and tell me if you like the page or not, what would you change .... im a noob doing pages xdd i have the basic knowledge.
thank you!!

PD: I have more banners in my Blog, go to the Banner tag
My blog:

My blog

Aqui teneis el blog que me hice ^^
podeis pasaros y ver mas creaciones mias (de la primera a la ultima)


Hi all, i would like to share with you my blog.
i hope you like it and if you want you can ask me for signatures, avatars, banners...
i know i have to change my blog and translate i to english xdd but i'll do it when i have time.
thank you very much :D

Visit my blog!!


Coment please and tell me if you like the blog and if you want to change something, which would be.
I wanted to show you my new channel in youtube…
i'm doind tutorials about signatures and soon i'll do a new wallpaper so... i'll do too its tutorial :D

i have to say thank you to  :iconjwiesner:  :iconbackgrounds-app:  :iconkuru-da-bunbun: for help me with the premium, i know i need more points but.. i hope more people want to give me more ^^

thnx u all and good luck ^^