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Mordor - Report stocks tagged imprecisely

I used Sweet Bravery byDoncellaSuicide

I wanted to do a fantastic manipulation with birds, ships, horses and planets but I only found stocks from that girl sharing with us her "wonderfull" butt (also called "full moon" by her).

PLEASE Dont tag your ass with horse, moon, sun, sunset, fish, wallpaper, desert, frog, dinosaur, water, mountain, forest, fairy, princess and a long etc of senseless tags.

Please stock makers, take this into consideration. If you upload images which are ment to be used by the community, you don't get a thing by using such "lame" tags. Same thing goes for Deviantart itself, I'd really would like to be able to report stocks tagged imprecisely because we who manipulate and pass a lot of time looking for stocks, lose a lot of trying to find that one image between a million like this one.

Suggestion here:…
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