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“The world has changed.  We are aware, even as we sleep.

To the Everlasting, no change goes unnoticed.
Power has shifted, people have failed, and the world suffers.
Long ago we ended war, and peace was brought unto Aeldynn.
Empty though, are the promises of mortals.

Forgotten are we who brought justice down upon the Aurentai.
Long forgotten are those who came before even us.
Not even the deities remember the truth about the Origin.
Did the Origin simply abandon this world to our charge?
Or did they simply leave us with no answer to fall back
on but the power of the Taecade Medo?”

In a world where ancient races still dwell,
the events of an age-old prophecy begin to stir.
From the pages of an antique tome,
there is much the ancients themselves have yet to learn.

The time has come for the Keys of the Origin to play their part in restoring
balance to Aeldynn; but how will their choices affect the outcome?

Two young men; one a righteous law-abiding servant to the people, the other a distinguished outlaw, don't yet realise they are to play a part in a foretold bid for the future of Aeldynn. Fate leads them down a road they would never have dreamed of following; a road that leads them into a struggle to bring the world back into a state of balance from the precipice of madness and desolation.

It is not only Zehn and Larkh who are fated to take on the malevolent forces of Aeldynn; there are others who must join with them as they are coaxed into the embrace of the ancient Nays and the fabled Drahknyr, who are also entangled in the masterful puppeteering of a renegade sorceress hell bent on reviving the greatest threat of all; Alymarn.


  • Listening to: Our Destiny - (Sun) Thomas Bergersen


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Melissa A. Joy
United Kingdom

Melissa A. Joy is a new fantasy author who challenges the conventional expectations of fantasy and takes them to a whole new level. It is no secret that she believes in the existence of all things fantastical, and that anything is possible. She began building the world of Aeldynn and started writing seriously aged approximately 13, and has since developed it into something truly magical worth sharing. From the glorious winged Drahknyr and wise and fearsome dragons to pirates of the high seas and a world rich with history and lore, her imagination could be said to be limitless. When she isn’t locked in a reverie about what’s going on in the world of Aeldynn, she’s probably out sailing the high seas on a tall ship, or perhaps dressed up in costume at an anime convention. She has entered into a partnership with White Fox Chronicles, and has also occasionally had artwork commissioned by Frostnight Illustrations.

Debut novel: Keys of the Origin (Book 1: The Scions of Balance). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A note from Melissa A. Joy, the author:

This Deviant Art gallery has been created to display the artwork created by White Fox Chronicles for the world of Aeldynn; a world created and written about by Melissa A. Joy.

There is also a folder dedicated to the artwork done by Frostnight Illustrations - Please give due credit to the artists.

You can find my debut novel and social media channels on the official website below or in my first DA journal entry.


Due to unforseen circumstances, the artist who was going to work alongside me in partnership has now had to withdraw, so I am looking for another artist to join me. If you are a gifted artist with an exceptional flair for fantasy artwork, please send an e-mail introducing yourself with a link to your portfolio, and what you can offer to me at and my editor Terry at My debut novel, Keys of the Origin already has some 4 and 5 star ratings, so I am sure the both of us could develop a healthy fan base and be able to provide artwork to be used for a variety of purposes (including merchandise) in due course.



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SO MANY THANKS FOR THE FAVE!! Do you wish to be friends?
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AeldynnLore Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016
Hello, this is Melissa (the author).  The current drawings are actually done by Frostnight Illustrations (in the marked folder) for the world I write in; you should be able to find other work she has done by searching her on here.  She is currently on hiatus until further notice, and I have another artist on board now; White Fox Chronicles, who will be adding work as and when she completes it.  This DA is a gallery for the display of artwork carried out for the world of Aeldynn.  Many thanks for your lovely words; I shall pass them on to Frostnight Illustrations. :-)
King-of-Monster-Gods Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016
It's a blessing to my eyes, creative creator of fantasies! :D  
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