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Gimp Smudge Brush

Gimp Smudge Brush (Photoshop like)

Click on "Download" button to download the brush

Cliquez sur le bouton "Download" pour télécharger le brush

A Smudge brush for Gimp.
You can see the outcomes on the preview, and the instuction are in the folder of the brush
Hope you like it ;)

Un brush de smudge pour Gimp
Suivez les instructions qui se trouvent dans le dossier pour installer correctement le brush ;)
En espérant qu'il vous plaira :)
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artestics's avatar

Thanks. I am going to try it


mondolion's avatar
Thank you for brush Aeklipse I'm going to try it in Krita
Sylvizch's avatar
This is really interesting! I'll have to experiment when I have time!
PeshugadePosho's avatar

but still has a problem, why do it lags?
PeshugadePosho's avatar
How did you made this with a great quality?

Usually when I save drawings with gimp, it looks pixelated, even if I saved it with the 100% quality
Zeriten's avatar
Maybe use a bit of gaussian blur?
PoisonedCherries's avatar
Had to share this~ I was just messing around with the new brushes and a few strokes and came up this pink sunset view~ turned out pretty cool~ lol Thanks so much for the tutorial~ It was extremely helpful~
Pink Sunset
PoisonedCherries's avatar
works amazing~ Thank you so much~
MinnesotaWalters's avatar
how do you copy it to the "brushes" folder?
LyanKiro's avatar
This looks sooo grat, but I don't really get how to use ist.. everytime I wanna use it it looks so.. hard. And not smoothe like this. And sometimes it just won't change it's color (it's just black then and I can't do anything against it D:) 
DrawingShy's avatar
Looks awesome!
DandelionPoof's avatar
Oh wow, this is a great all-purpose blending brush too! Thank you for posting it!
Hi-Agni's avatar
I was looking for brush like this one for my paintings, thank you very much :heart:
pupster101's avatar
i don't understand where the "Smudge_settings" are could you help??
fuckingwow's avatar
Very nice, looking nice. :)
EmpressEliana's avatar
Thank you so much for adding this! I have such a terrible time with smudging. Now I hope I will do better in my pics!
SparkleDiamond's avatar
Aeklipse's avatar
Merci beaucoup !! :)
jrbonzai's avatar
OMG.. just what i need!!
FancyPants431's avatar
o my god, finally a decent smudging brush!
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