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What is this?

"Collaboratables" are works in progress (WIPs) that we have started but never completed. By offering them up for collaboration, we allow someone else to finish them, and the credit goes to both the original creator and the collaborator.

How do I submit?

We have opened a Collaboratables gallery folder over in Photomanip101 where you can submit your WIP. Please only submit a preview (you an upload it to your scraps, I believe). 

Please watermark your preview.

If you want to collaborate with someone, check out this folder and, if you see something you like, contact the artist directly to get the file.


:bulletblack: A word to the wise: Be careful about redistributing stock photographs. When you're in doubt, check the photographer's rules. 

:bulletblack: You must have made some effort on the original image. 

:bulletblack: If you are going to allow someone to complete your WIP, you don't get to veto the final product or tell them what to do. It's not fair to give someone your work and then dictate what happens to it or tell them that what they've done is terrible.

:bulletblack: Both the original artist and the collaborator must be credited when the final image is uploaded, unless one of them decides that they don't want credit. Of course, you have to credit the stock providers!

That's it! Have fun!! I will promote "collaboratables" next time I update our newsletter. :heart:


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I definitely have some I'll be uploading when I get home XD I'd love to do a swap with someone! :D