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Challenge by Aeirmid

So! For those of you who may not have been paying attention lately, today (August 7th) is deviantART's 12th birthday! To celebrate, we held a Stock Challenge chat session earlier today. Now, it's time to MANIP THAT STOCK!


The idea, once again, is that we are creating a “fractured” fairytale in which we will be twisting a well-known story into something completely different. Can you take the story and put your own alternative spin on it?


“Fractured” (Twisted) “Beauty and the Beast”

The moment it all went wrong.  The night an “old beggar woman” was turned away from a warm hearth and a curse that backfired and twisted the world in a way nobody - not even the old beggar was ever expecting.....

A beast who turned out to be a beauty... or a beauty who was really a beast. Your challenge is to illustrate a scene, or artwork on the “twisted” fairytale.


1. You will be given 3 days to perform this challenge. (72 hours)

2. This challenge ends at 1 PM PST (deviantART time) on Friday, August 10th. Please submit your challenge results to The-Sacred-Space in the Birthday Manip Challenge folder:…

3. Only 1 entry per person which must be submitted to the digital art/photomanipulation category.

4. Entries must include “This is a contest entry for the 12th birthday Manip challenge” in the artist's comments to be valid.

5. You must credit ALL stock sources with DIRECT LINKS to the image(s) you used.

6. You must use at least 12 images from the stock challenge session - listed below. That is, you should use 2 stock images from each category.  You may use the images in whole or in part, and you may also use other stock as you deem necessary. [For those of you who started early, we hope you used the correct stock images, because only the ones below will count!!]

7. The usual admonitions apply: do not create hate-based deviations, and use a mature filter when appropriate.

8. Judges will be : Aeirmid, Elandria, & Dan-Heffer


1st Place

2,000 points
6 month premium membership
Exclusive stock pack from ^Elandria
Stock pack from syccas-stock
Features from  ^Elandria, ^SanguineVamp, & ^Dan-Heffer, #DesigningDivas, #StockandResources, #Dreamers-of-Avalon, & #The-Sacred-Space

2 Runners Up

1,000 points each
3 month premium membership each
Features from  ^Elandria, ^SanguineVamp, & ^Dan-Heffer, #DesigningDivas, #StockandResources, #Dreamers-of-Avalon, & #The-Sacred-Space


Remember - you must use 12 images in whole or in part: 2 from each set.


Found by MercGribern
Glacies2 II - Hint of a Smile by BlooDoveStock Flaming: Roar by Flynn-the-cat Vintage Wall Paper Texture by MGB-Stock Plumtrees blossom 06 by HermitCrabStock

SUBSTITUTION for fire that you can't download: Package - Blaze - 6 by resurgere


Found by faestock
Unnamed Texture-Unrestricted by Cat-in-the-Stock Panther 1 by SephirothXer0-Stock Mary Allen Seminary 1 by DamselStock


Found by phoenixleo
Professional widow by xn3ctz

Mature Content

girl-11 by buzillo-stock
Eireen13 by Jaymasee february 02 by boredlamb-stock Death Wears White III by Eirian-stock


Found by carpenoctem410

Mature Content

Time of the Dark - K - 4 by mjranum-stock
Keys, Ancient by BazzleStock Metal Bolt Texture by FantasyStock Scenery 050 by Katibear-Stock


Found by MaliciaRoseNoire
Metallic Clock Face by FantasyStock Old and Dirty Angel by faithslayer Black Cape 016 by Ominous-Stock To All That Ends 01 UNRESTRICTED by Elandria :thumb306405032:


Found by MorriganArt
Antique sword 2 by StarsColdNight Sphere 012 by ISOStock

Mature Content

Cast Level 5 Fireball - 1 by mjranum-stock
GIMP Arcane Circles Brushes by Project-GimpBC Scream For Me stock Set by charligal-stock

Each of these challenge winners will receive 50 points and a one-month premium subscription!

So, go forth and be manipulative! We can't wait to see what you come up with!!

© 2012 - 2021 Aeirmid
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EigthDegreeBites's avatar
Do you have a link for the winners announcement journal?
I know that I won something and I did find the journal and comment on it but I never got sent a link so I have no idea where it is :/
NatsPearlCreation's avatar
sorry for the confusion.. i just came across this journal.. and thought it was he latest.. only to find out that its an old august journal.. lol.. silly me
Aeirmid's avatar
Oh noes! :love: We will have more challenges REALLY soon. :heart:
NatsPearlCreation's avatar
i was really excited.. thought i could do something and win the
when I saw the date.. i was heart broken lol
NatsPearlCreation's avatar
ok, i got it.. i read the journal twice.. leme know if im understood correct..
I have to use 12 stock, 2 each from the given challenge here.?
NatsPearlCreation's avatar
Im pretty confused.. Can i use one stock from each challenge given here, and rest my own stocks..
or do i have to use all 12 stocks out of the given ones here?
KarinClaessonArt's avatar
Who won this or have I missed something??
Aeirmid's avatar
Actually I've been too busy to post them. I'll do so in the next couple of days.
KarinClaessonArt's avatar rush at all!!. I understand! I was only wondering I have missed something:D
EigthDegreeBites's avatar
Hi, just wondering when you're announcing the winners? Or if you already have :D

Aeirmid's avatar
We're working on it. :)
JamminJo's avatar
Added to #DevNews article collection for posting later today ~ August 10, 2012.
Aeirmid's avatar
Awesome! The only thing is that the challenge is over now. :/ Can we maybe feature the winners?
JamminJo's avatar
:stupidme: I have removed the announcement from the posting and yes, I posted your journal "Random Acts of Kindness Winners & Announcement" with the winners :)

I'm really sorry for the error, I am overly tired. Guess that is a huge clue I need some :sleepy:
Aeirmid's avatar
Oh no. You're fine. :hug: thanks so much for even thinking of us!! :)
syccas-stock's avatar
ah, now I know why suddenly so many people use the castle-stock ;) lemme donate an exclusive stock pack for the winner
Aeirmid's avatar
that would be lovely! Thank you so much! :hug:
raiGfx08's avatar
i submitted.thanks.
KarinClaessonArt's avatar
Hi. I've started with one work. Feeling a little bit stressed so I must you now which time the deadline are in Europe..or actually Sweden?! I would be grateful if you can answer this please..!
Aeirmid's avatar
Hi!! It's 7 pm. :)
KarinClaessonArt's avatar
Thank you very much:heart:
thalija's avatar
I think it's 1PM PST + 9? Not really 100% sure.
So would be Friday evening 10PM in Europe I think.
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