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Hello, everyone!

As you may or may not know, we had "Random Acts of Kindness Day" in the photomanipulation community for dA's 12th birthday. I hinted at some prizes, and I want to let you know who the lucky winners are!

These individuals all did something awesome for the community, either by being an involved newbie, or leaving a kind and supportive comment, or featuring other deviants on this special day . . . or being awesome by being involved in the community. They all have won a one-month premium membership from Moonbeam13 and the Community Relations Team! Please join me in congratulating them.

They are, in no particular order:

I also want to thank my secret helpers, who shall remain secret!!! I'm cyber-hugging you right now! You are awesome, and I am so grateful for your assistance.

Finally . . . BIG ANNOUNCEMENT . . .

We will be doing these Random Acts of Kindness Days every month now! Thanks to the generosity of Moonbeam13, Director of Community Relations, we will be giving 2 photomanipulators 3-month subscriptions every month! WOOT! If you want to help me out with this, send me a NOTE!

We may or may not tell you when these days are. But, know that we are watching and supporting your devious kindness!

Congratulations to all.


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:happycry: thank you so ver much :hug: You made my day, i feel honored!
Aeirmid's avatar
Thank you for being awesome. :heart: You really make a difference in this community.
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Added to #DevNews article collection for posting later today ~ August 10, 2012.
stebev's avatar
A great collection of stunning work
MirellaSantana's avatar
wowwww...i´m sooo honored!!!!

Thank you so much!!! :heart:
LuzTapia's avatar
Thank you so much for this! :love:
like :iconvam-pyre: said, I don´t know what I did but thank you again! :love:
ChisSweetArt's avatar
Thank you hunny for featuring and I think this is awesome!!!!
EerilyfairDesign's avatar
Thank you so much for this amazing feature :iconcheerplz: It was a great day on DA.
LadyxBoleyn's avatar
Oh wow, I am amazed! Totally didn't see this coming! Thank you! :tighthug:
michelle--renee's avatar
Haha I don't know what I did but yay! :dance:
fabilua's avatar
Oh I'm so happy, so excited:squee::happybounce:. Thank you for having chosen me and congratulations to all the artists, amazing work :love:
and thank you and your helpers secret :tighthug::iconbugplz:
Thank you very much indeed!
Dani-Owergoor's avatar
Thank you so much for this wonderful feature! I'm honored!
Elandria's avatar
AWESOME! Congrats to everyone!!!! :love:
Arichy's avatar
oh....so awesome!
eveningstars242's avatar
How amazing!! Congrats to everyone who were chosen for this!
and now you're going to be doing this every month? Awesome! Go dA!
BiBiARTs's avatar
I'm speechless and happy excited, it is the first time that I win something ... thanks so much to you and your secret helpers :heart: and congrats to everyone!!!
II-S's avatar
Big Brother, you're watching us :D
This is AWESOME !!! Thank you so much for selecting and featuring me... :love:
SilverCurlyART's avatar
Congratulation great Artists all :love::heart:
rowanheart24's avatar
AWESOME JOB everybody!
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