Planetary Mythology Photomanipulation Competition!

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Mythology of the Planets

Welcome to the latest "dark" photomanipulation contest, supported by Community Relations here on deviantART. This contest will challenge you to think outside of the box, for you will have to not only create something, but you will need to do a bit of research and think about why you are creating it. :XD: Are you ready for a competition that is out of this world?

Before we go any further, let me clarify that PLUTO COUNTS!

What do I have to do?

Choose one of the planets (or Pluto) in our solar system, listed below. Moons or suns can be a part of the larger picture, but they do not count as your god/goddess. 

Your job is to create a PHOTOMANIPULATION in which you show a myth around a planetary ruler (that is, the god or goddess after which the planets were named). 

The gods/goddesses can be Greek, Roman, or other.... but they must be planetary rulers.

Here are the planets and their (Greek) influences; again, it's fine to use Roman or something else:

Mercury = Hermes, messenger god
Venus = Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty
Earth = Terra, goddess of land
Mars = Ares, god of war
Jupiter = Zeus, ruler of the gods
Saturn = Cronus, god of time
Uranus = Uranus, god of the sky
Neptune = Poseidon, god of the sea
Pluto = Hades, god of death and the underworld

If you're like me, you're totally confused right now. Take a moment to Google the stories about whatever planetary ruler seems most interesting to you. :heart:

Where do I submit it?

We will create a "Planetary Mythology" contest at CRPhotomanipulation.

Other rules

:bulletblack: Must be a photomanipulation-- e.g. use 2 or more sources put together to make something new. Mixed Media will be accepted if it involves manipulated photographs.


:bulletblack: Be creative.

:bulletblack: Do your own work.

:bulletblack: You can submit up to 2 entries, but you can only win once. 

:bulletblack: DEADLINE: OCTOBER 15th, 2013, 11:59 PM PACIFIC TIME


Thanks to the generosity of Moonbeam13 at communityrelations and the photomanipulation community at-large, we are able to offer the following prizes for the contest winners:

:bulletwhite: First place :bulletwhite:
3,000 points + 1 year premium membership from Community Relations
1,000 points from Aeirmid
1,000 points from Incantata
500 points from kuschelirmel
400 points from krazykel
300 points from AbbeyMarie
300 points from Paulo-Bert

:bulletwhite: Second place :bulletwhite:
2,000 points + 6-mo premium membership from Community Relations
500 points from Aeirmid
500 points from Incantata
300 points from kuschelirmel
200 points from krazykel
200 points from Paulo-Bert

:bulletwhite: Third place :bulletwhite:
1,000 points + 3-mo premium membership from Community Relations
250 points from Aeirmid
250 points from Incantata
200 points from kuschelirmel
100 points from krazykel


Currently, the judges are Aeirmid, Emerald-Depths, hybridgothica, & kuschelirmel. If you would like to help judge, please note CRPhotomanipulation.

Thanks! Again, if you have questions, feel free to ask.


© 2013 - 2022 Aeirmid
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PriscillaSantanaArts's avatar
Do you know when the final entries will be announced? :la:
Aeirmid's avatar
I hope next week.
spring-sky's avatar
Is there a chance of this contest to be extended for one or two more days ?? . I couldn't finish it yet :(
Aeirmid's avatar
No, sorry. You still have about 36 hours though!
spring-sky's avatar
:phew: Phew ,finished it ! Thank God .

But I can't submit it to the group's gallery . I can only suggest it as a group favorite :(

Anyway ,Here it is
Aeirmid's avatar
I hate to tell you this but you missed the deadline.
spring-sky's avatar
spring-sky's avatar
Oh ,36 hours ??

That's great . Time difference worked for my best :D

But I need to hurry up .:eager:
MelGama's avatar
Let me know if is possible to participate with an old art (that is not visible at this moment).
Aeirmid's avatar
Hi Mel,

No, this needs to be new and created just for this contest. :)
angeliquedesigns's avatar
I'd only just found about this - not sure I'll be able to finish one by the deadline, but it's certainly providing some inspiration to start a manip when I finally have some downtime!
Aeirmid's avatar
awesome! good luck with it! :)
ceeek-stock's avatar
Cool contest. Once again I wished I were a manipper myself... ;-)
You can count me in for a feature of the winners' entries!
Aeirmid's avatar
Awesome! Thanks. :)
ceeek-stock's avatar
Aeirmid's avatar
thank you so much! :heart:
Nameda's avatar
at least I could give a tiny thank you to you for featuring project AWW
Please be so kind to fave the journal so the wonderful contests get more exposure
Allyntu's avatar
aww should be a prize for each planet!
CelticStrm-Stock's avatar
Oh Hey Jade! I just uploaded some new Galaxy/Nebula fractals that I'd be happy to release as a free download for the contest entries, btw. :D 
Aeirmid's avatar
Awesome! Do you mean as prizes or as stuff people can use to create their art for the contest?
CelticStrm-Stock's avatar
Stuff they can use for the contest if they'd like. :D I can either create a new download link for them that you can link to the journal or they can note me for it, which ever is easier for you. ;)
itznikki530's avatar
Is it OK to do my manip on the Babylonian goddess Ishtar? According to Wikipedia she was "...the divine personification of the planet Venus" in their pantheon.
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