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Deviation Actions

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*Thanks to StarsColdNight for her significant contribution in helping with this newsletter! Thanks also to the many others who helped gather the news!

Welcome, and update!

Welcome to your bigger, better photomanipulation newsletter. We are pleased to bring you up-to-date information about things that are going on in the community. It's been a busy few weeks, and we have a lot to share with you!

Direct link requirements on DDs

I spoke with fourteenthstar and Moonbeam13, and we decided that you should no longer have to put direct links to stock pictures in order to get a DD. So, you no longer need to direct link your stock pictures for DD purposes. (You DO still need to credit stock, though!) However, many groups still require those direct links for submissions, and that decision is entirely up to the group administrators. We hope this change will help make suggesting and posting DDs easier. 

New groups

Here are some new groups that have opened recently that you really should go check out:


Here are a couple of older (but really great) groups that may interest you, as recommended by community members: 


Loose ends from PM month in Project Educate

CRPhotomanipulation decided to cut the "Anti-You" photomanipulation challenge that we were going to have following Halloween. This month has been difficult for a lot of us because of competing priorities, and there were a LOT of contests out there already. So, that will not be happening.

I have finally stopped receiving "Top Secret" submissions! There are almost 150 of them! :XD: So, we will be collecting them all into a folder in CRPhotomanipulation and then combining them into a blog so everyone can see everyone else's. That will take some time, so we appreciate your patience.

Upcoming contest

I have touched bases with several artists about this already, but our community is going to start planning an "Xtreme Photomanipulation" supercontest that will maybe start mid-January. The object will be to get people to reach outside their normal boundaries, try something new, and blow us all away with their manipulations. We are going to have levels for advanced as well as beginner/intermediate artists, and we are hoping that some of our less active members will participate once again. I'm looking into the possibility of huge prizes and promotional opportunities. Are you in? If you want to help plan, and you're not already there, come join CRPhotomanipulation. We have cookies. 

Also, we would be happy to partner with other groups in this endeavor. Note CRPhotomanipulation if you are interested.

Ask an Artist!

When we had Photomanipulation Week back in June, our most popular activity was "How do you do that . . .?" People got to ask questions, and we'd send those questions out to our experts, who would answer them. We're going to do this again, but with one artist at a time. [Note: I pitched this to Closer-to-Divine as well, but I really feel like this could benefit the whole community.] Our first artist will be ChisSweetArt. Here are some examples of her work:

She is a trained digital artist and photographer. Do you have questions about how she achieves effects or creates her work? Feel free to note them to :devcrphotomanipulatoin:, and we'll post a large feature with your questions answered. 

Resources we recommend:

Thank you, StarsColdNight!

We have seen many artists use different software to create their masterpieces. We collected a few resources for them for you to review in case you need it.

For Photography - Photo manipulations works: 
Adobe Photoshop is what is most used. If the purchase for you is too high, there is a website where you can edit your work online without any trouble - Photoshop express-

:bulletred: Photoshop cafe 
:bulletred: Learn Photoshop CS5
:bulletred: SurrealPSD
:bulletred: Blending images 

YouTube channels:
:bulletred: Canal tutoriales (Spanish site)
:bulletred: Photoshop tutorials

For digital painters & illustrators: 
Adobe Illustrator &  Gimp are the most popular.

:bulletred: Illustrator tutorials
:bulletred: Gimp tutorials
:bulletred: Adobe Illustrator tutorials

YouTube channels:
:bulletred: Gimp tricks
:bulletred: Gimp Know How
:bulletred: Conecta tutorials (Spanish)

Gallery divisions & descriptions:

Thank you, StarsColdNight!

The galleries in deviantart are divided by a specific theme in sub-categories that makes them easy to find.
Animals & Plants
Landscapes & Scenery 
Macabre & Horror 
Pop Art
Science Fiction

A easy to read journal here about the Gallery Descriptions submitted by `IreneLangholm

Before submitting, you are obligated to read the Stock rules and policies. To make it simple and short, Google images and random sites are NOT legal/valid sources to get your stocks. For works which are not valid stock resources you should first obtain proper permission for use, preferably in writing. 

FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
Explicit permission is not required when you choose to use valid stock resources unless the author says so.

FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?
The most common Violations of the deviantART copyright policy happens by simply posting the work from another artist to your deviantART gallery, adapting or copying the original work or by manipulating or altering the original. 

FAQ #8: What are violations of the deviantART copyright policy?
There are so many different thoughts on this area so you should read all you need to know about it here.

Stock policies that explains very simple what you need to know BEFORE gattering the resources for your photomanipulation. Submitted by `IreneLangholm

"Sources such as Photobucket and Google are not valid stock sources and the images found there cannot be used unless written permission from the original artist can be provided."

Current contests in the community

Recent news and interviews

New stock and other goodies to grab

This week's fabulous 10

In addition to featuring a couple of recent deviations that caught our eye, we dug backwards a bit this week to bring you some really stunning works you may not have seen . . . hope you enjoy!

peak2 by SHUME-1
Twilight by Alshain4
Enlighten by blue-a
Eve by gyaban
Smoke #6 by StefanoBonazzi
Just I Exist by SukhRiar
M a r i o n e T T e by IlaydaPortakaloglu
Chronoperception by xetobyte

Have a great week! :dalove:

Jade (Aeirmid)

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I'm really interested in this "Xtreme Photomanipulation" supercontest, is there any more details about this ? =D
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Not yet. Soon. :)
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Ok... I will wait :p
I have some work to do anyway and December is always verrrrrrrry busy =D
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thank you so much for including my work :D
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To clarify, to recommend a Photomanipulation as a DD the stock credits only need to be credited to the stock site and not to the stock itself? Personally, I always link to the actual stock piece, but I know there are deviants who just credit the stock site.

I watched a couple of the videos in the links you provided. I need to study the information in the links in order to see if I can use the information for PhotoShop Elements 9. Currently, I spend a lot of time to carefully cut-out stock.

Thanks for a great article :hug:
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Glad you liked it. And yes, just stock sites now. :)
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Thanks for letting me know :hug:
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Thank you for the feature :rose:
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Thank you so much for featuring my group! It's so hard to get some views in the very beginning :thanks:
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I'll continue to promote it. It's really turning out nicely so far.
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*settled down with a cup of coffee and a cookie* Really great read. Thank you
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Thanks a lot for the feature, it's a great honor.
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:rose:Many thanks for the feature!:kiss:
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Wow! Amazing features!! :wow::love:
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Awesome journal with lots of happenings! :D
Thank you dear for including my group in this news too! :heart:
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:clap: to all the artists! great journal!
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Thank you so much for the feature, I'm happy to be a part of this beautiful collection :hug: :rose:
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