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wish upon a star by AF-studios
"Wish upon a Star" by AF-studios

What is this?

What do you wish for when you're on deviantART?

Whether it's subscription, points, or art prints, here is your opportunity to get it and maybe also help out the photomanipulation community.

The Photomanip Wishlist project will allow members of the photomanipulation community (ONLY! sorry, but there are similar projects for other communities) to make wishes in the hopes that they will be fulfilled. 

It will also allow members of the photomanipulation community to fulfill the wishes of others, either directly or anonymously. 

What can I wish for?

Wishes can be almost anything. Here are some examples of things you can wish for:

:bulletred: Premium memberships
:bulletred: Points 
:bulletred: Contest donations
:bulletred: Features
:bulletred: Prints or other wishlist items
:bulletred: Critiques on your work
:bulletred: Dedications
:bulletred: Supergroups
:bulletred: A given type of stock, etc.

Use your imagination, but remain within reason! Send your wish in a note to CRPhotomanipulation. Please BE SPECIFIC as to what you want. We will house the wishlist over at that group, in a widget on the front page.

I want to grant others' wishes!

YAY! We are all going to have to help out if this project is going to work.

You can help either anonymously or straightforwardly. You can help by granting wishes, or you can help obtain wishes elsewhere (for example, by talking to someone who might be able to grant the wish). Not all wishes involve money, so you can help grant those as well if you are unable to donate, for example, points or subs. 

You don't need to check with us before jumping in; just go ahead and fulfill a wish. If you do help out, it is critical that you let us know by noting either Aeirmid or CRPhotomanipulation so that we don't have more than one person granting the same wish. Also, if you want to donate a few points rather than a full wish, that's fine, too; you can donate them to Aeirmid, and they will be used ONLY for the project. 

You can also help spread the word about the project. To get involved in the project directly, note either Aeirmid or CRPhotomanipulation

What are the rules?

:bulletblue: You must be a member of the photomanipulation community to have a wish granted.

:bulletblue: For now, you can make one small wish per month or one big wish (one that costs money) every 2 months.

:bulletblue: People who grant wishes will receive higher priority for receiving wishes. However, you do not have to grant a wish to receive one. 

So, what do YOU wish for? Let's come together to make a stronger photomanipulation community! We'd love to see this project succeed.

I WISH you would stop chewing on my ears.


Jade / Aeirmid

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I love this idea ! 
I discovered it thanks nikkidoodlesx3 's journal :)