Photomanip News and Feature - 15 July

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Hello, deviantART!

Welcome to the July 15th edition of Photomanipulation News. I hope your July is going well for you and that those of you who are in hot areas are staying cool!

I've got lots of stuff to tell you. Let's get started!

Advanced Photomanipulation month!

September is our month for advanced photomanipulation! While the activities and workshops I have in mind are geared toward developing or continuing to develop advanced skills, everyone is welcome to participate. We will all be reaching outside our comfort zone. I will be contacting some folks from each of the galleries (surreal, dark, macabre, fantasy, conceptual, etc.) who have more advanced skills and inviting them to provide feedback to help us plan the event. If you are interested, regardless of your skill level, let me know and I'll be sure to include you in the conversations. It's going to be awesome!

Photomanipulation Contests

There are a lot of contests in which you can participate right now! Why not challenge yourself?

Information about Daily Deviations

We've been revamping our DD guidelines and looking for input about what people want to know about Daily Deviations! Here are the most recent relevant blogs:

Other useful news

Some great stuff that's going on around dA:

Upcoming important dates

  • July 25th: Critique Night, 12 noon PST (3 PM US Eastern time, GMT-5)
  • July 25th: Photomanipulation as Inspired by Traditional Media due in ArtHistoryProject
  • September is photomanipulation workshop month
  • Halloween (October 31st) will be special! :plotting:

This week's feature

Here are some pieces from great artists who deserve a little more attention! Enjoy!

Shangri La. by hybridgothica
Thunderstone by MaliciaRoseNoire
The Forgotten ScareCrow by NatsPearlCreation

Some of my personal favorites from this week:

Window by MachiavelliCro
Emporte-Moi Comme le Temps Nous Emporte by emilieleger
The  Wall by AlexandraVBach
- comm: black skies, by V-alkyrie

Have a great week!!

Jade :dalove:
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