Photomanip News and Feature - 08 July 2012

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Hello, everyone!

The photomanipulation community has had a busy week, between exciting new contests and competitions being launched and brilliant artwork finding its way into our galleries!

Here's the scoop on what's new!

Art History project

The photomanipulation community will have a blog on July 26th as part of ArtHistoryProject's Traditional Art Month. I know what you're thinking: "But you're digital art, and this is Traditional Art Month." True, but we will highlight and do some interviews with digital artists who are inspired by the traditional masters. Would you like to be involved? Note me, or leave a comment on THIS BLOG.

Advanced Photomanipulation month!

September is our month for advanced photomanipulation! While the activities and workshops I have in mind are geared toward developing or continuing to develop advanced skills, everyone is welcome to participate. We will all be reaching outside our comfort zone. I will be contacting some folks from each of the galleries (surreal, dark, macabre, fantasy, conceptual, etc.) who have more advanced skills and inviting them to provide feedback to help us plan the event. If you are interested, regardless of your skill level, let me know and I'll be sure to include you in the conversations. It's going to be awesome!

Rising Stars series

I will be trying my best to have weekly features of 2 or 3 rising stars in the photomanip community. If you know of someone who is a really great artist but who doesn't get as much attention as he/she deserves, please note me so I can include them. :) (I'm behind on this week's interviews but will have them shortly.)


Lots and lots of contests! Here are a few:

Other news

Here are some interesting things for you to know both related to photomanipulation and related to dA in general.


I really tried to pull some deviations from all of our categories for you! I hope you enjoy them; we have a lot of talent to offer. :heart:

Beautiful End by ChisSweetArt 
Friend or Foe by KarinClaessonArt 
Tale of The Fallen Crown by aliencharm 
Forest Fairy by CoolCurry 
Asphyxiation by BloodyZone 

Thanks, everyone! As always, you can note me with news or suggestions at any time.

Peace :peace:

Jade (Aeirmid)

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