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Welcome to Feedback Week here at Project Educate!

Welcome to Feedback Week! This week is being brought to you by a team of very devious deviants over at FeedbackFrenzy.

In January of this year, the marvelous BeccaJS led a Critique Week in which we learned about many of the critique groups here on deviantART and also the essentials of giving and receiving critique for various media. In case you missed it, here are a few of the fantastic articles that were shared that week:

So, for our week, we wanted to take Critique Week a step further and put the skills we learned to use! We have developed some activities that we hope you will find enjoyable as well as useful for your own work.

Without further ado, we would like to introduce you to . . .

Feedback Frenzy!

Feedback Frenzy (housed at FeedbackFrenzy) is a week-long challenge designed to help deviants like you and me get better feedback on our artwork! For the past two weeks, deviants have been registering as entrants for this exciting competition, and we can't wait to watch them do their thing! :la:


"Feedback Frenzy" is a week-long game designed to encourage deviants to (1) step outside their comfort zone and practice giving feedback to others, even if not in their own media; (2) meet new deviants from across dA, and (3) receive as much high-quality, useful feedback on their work as possible.

Time frame:

July 2nd to July 8th (one full week) :excited:

How does it work?

:bulletpink: Entrants have signed up to critique and include art they want critiqued. (Sign-up is now closed.) We have more than 140 members participating! :w00t!:
:bulletpink: Contestants have been split in teams of four based on medium (such that there is a variety of media represented in each group). You will be responsible for communicating with your group members about who will critique which deviations.
:bulletpink: You'll have one week to write your best comments or critiques for as many of the pieces as you can. You don't need to be a premium member to participate!
:bulletpink: In the interim, people will be giving YOU feedback on your work!!!
:bulletpink: FeedbackFrenzy staff will rate the critiques for quality according to a grading rubric (see below).
:pointr: Since quality matters, one fantastic critique is worth more than 10 poor critiques!
:pointr: The team with the highest total number of points wins!  

So give us the best you've got - make your comments useful, accurate, applicable, informative, and friendly (but honest). Pull together resources and provide direction for the artist. Remember, you'll be receiving comments through this contest as well as giving them, so write the kind of critique that you'd really love to get in return!

The Rules!

The rules for Feedback Frenzy are fairly straightforward:

:bulletred: You can only comment / critique on deviations from the FF July2-8 2012 favorites folder at FeedbackFrenzy. We encourage you to start by critiquing your group members! :)
:bulletred: Comments are fine; you do not have to be a premium member to participate.
:bulletred: Get together with your group right away to decide who will critique which deviations. Work as a team, and you'll make more progress more quickly.
Note: More than one person per team can critique a given deviation. However, we recommend that you start with one critique of each deviation per TEAM and then add more if time allows. The same PERSON cannot critique the same deviation twice.
:bulletred: We suggest that you not look at the other critiques before writing your own. Blatant copying will get you disqualified.
:bulletred: At the end of the competition, each team should send ONE note to the group (FeedbackFrenzy) with links to ALL critiques from all 4 members (separated by member). We must receive this note by July 9th at 11:59 PM Pacific US time.
:bulletred: No critiques will be accepted that were written prior to 6 AM Pacific US time on July 2nd or after 11:59 PM Pacific US time on July 8th.

Scoring Guidelines

When we score your critiques, you can earn up to 60 points. Your critique will be rated 0 to 5 on 10 items:

  • :bulletgreen: Greeting (We want the artist to know that your comments are for our competition, so don't forget to mention FeedbackFrenzy!)
  • :bulletgreen: Description of what the deviant did correctly in the deviation
  • :bulletgreen: Description of what needs improvement in the deviation
  • :bulletgreen: Description of HOW to make the needed improvements (to the best of your ability)
  • :bulletgreen: Statement of the overall impact / your overall impression
  • :bulletgreen: Encouragement for the deviant
  • :bulletgreen: Overall tone of critique
  • :bulletgreen: Usefulness of critique to the deviant (can he/she apply what you have told him?)
  • :bulletgreen: Relevance of critique to the deviation (Were you on-point?)
  • :bulletgreen: "Wow" factor (Does it have that extra flair, that extra special "something" that you can't quite define? Does it stand out from the others in the category?)


Each member of the winning team will receive a One Year Premium Membership! (from Moonbeam13 and Community Relations) as well as these donated prizes! :trophy:

:bulletyellow: 10 Constructive Comments/Critiques!
:bulletyellow: 12 Journal Features!
:bulletyellow: 4 Group Features!
:bulletyellow: 510 :points: (to be divided among team members)
:bulletyellow: 4 :+fav:
:bulletyellow: 5

The second place team will win a deviantWEAR T-Shirt for each group member (from Moonbeam13 and Community Relations) in addition to these donated prizes!

:bulletyellow: 8 Constructive Comments/Critiques!
:bulletyellow: 13 Journal Features!
:bulletyellow: 2 Group Features!
:bulletyellow: 200 :points: (to be divided among team members)
:bulletyellow: 4 :+fav:
:bulletyellow: 5

AND!!!! There will be a few bonus prizes awarded for stuff we aren't going to reveal yet!!! :XD:

The game is ON!

Are you ready? Then let Feedback Frenzy begin!

Wait!! What do I do now??

Here's the short, short version:

:bulletpurple: Find out who your teammates are by clicking here. Talk with them and come up with a game plan.
:bulletpurple: Click here to see the deviations that you can critique at FeedbackFrenzy. Or, even better, click here to see the deviations by medium.
:bulletpurple: Paying attention to the rules and scoring guidelines above, go do your critiques! Stop at 11:59 PM Pacific US time on July 8th.
:bulletpurple: IMPORTANT: Keep a running log of links to each deviation you critique.
:bulletpurple: Before midnight Pacific US time on the 9th of July, send ONE NOTE PER TEAM with all team members' links on it (split by member) to FeedbackFrenzy.

That's it! GO PLAY!!

Note FeedbackFrenzy if you have any problems. :D Best of luck to each of you!!!



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ChiantyVex's avatar
Hello, I did a small feature with some of the amazing artists that I met here and included the contest as well.I hope that is okay...Here is the link [link]
Aeirmid's avatar
that is an awesome feature! THanks so much for including us. This was a great thing to do for fellow deviants! :heart:
ChiantyVex's avatar
ErinM31's avatar
Tomorrow, do you want links to the deviations each member has critiqued? Or links to the specific comments/critiques?

Thank you! This has been really awesome! :dance:
Aeirmid's avatar
Hey! I'm glad it's been awesome for you! :) You can submit links to the specific comment if you don't mind; that'll make our lives easier. :) Thanks!
TAHernandez's avatar
Can you tell me how to find the link to the specific comment?
Aeirmid's avatar
Sure. Right-click the "reply" button on the comment and click "Open in new window." Then take the URL for that new window. :)
TAHernandez's avatar
Awesome. Thanks a bunch!
ErinM31's avatar
Kara-a's avatar
i don't no why nobody answered? maybe nodody noticed it so here i go again :aww:

how will you rate the critiques if the artists already updated their works and the problems aren't there anymore?
SPLinTER-OPS's avatar
I thought it too :D
Aeirmid's avatar
We can still rate the critiques. It will be okay. We have a system.
Kara-a's avatar
Oh alright. Thanks for the answer.
Tundra-Sky's avatar
Whoops a bit late to sign up, but I'll try and improve my critiques anyway C:
miontre's avatar
Hey! We are now running our second Feedback Frenzy contest!
If you're still interested in participating, make sure you catch this one! ;)
djemilahgordon's avatar
Were we only meant to do 10 critiques? 0.o
The comments(each is expected to give 10 critiques) and the actual post (critiques for as many of the pieces as you can. ) seem to be contradictory. . i guess i'll stop critiquing for now as I don't want to be breaking the rules :ohnoes:
Aeirmid's avatar
Where are people getting 10 critiques?? You can do as many as you want to. :hug: You're not in violation of the rules. :)
djemilahgordon's avatar
xD okay, i just got so confused :ohnoes:
maybe it's all this critiquing messing with my brain- you guys should've put up a health warning ;)
Aeirmid's avatar
hahahaha!!! :D
Kara-a's avatar
I have one question :
Some people already update their works
and i think that it is really good to know they take out critiques to heart and follow them !
But the thing it want to know is how you will rate the critiques if the problems aren't there anymore? :aww:'
serel's avatar
I wondered that too. That's why I will wait with any updates until after the challenge.
Kara-a's avatar
well...we have to wait until someone responds to know more ^^'
Selimeia's avatar
Kerrigore's avatar
Didn't even know this was going on... lame.
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