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Deviation Actions

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Hello everyone!

I gladly welcome all Daily Deviation (DD) suggestions and am always excited to receive them from you. Here are some things to keep in mind to help increase your suggested deviation's chances of being accepted as a Daily Deviation! :w00t!:

DDs are meant to showcase the best deviations that the community has to offer. Anyone, popular or not, can receive a DD if they do exemplary work. That means you! :D For a better understanding of what they are and their purpose, you can visit FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?.

Basic Requirements

No matter how phenomenal it is, I cannot even consider your suggestion:
  • If it is not a photomanipulation. This means it needs to be in the category Digital Art > Photomanipulation. [Although . . . I may consider Mixed Media (Digital Art > Mixed Media).] See Continuing the Photomanip Conversation.
  • If the artist does not credit stock sources properly by, at the very least, linking to the stock artist's page or the website (such as dreamstime or Stock Exchange) from which he or she obtained the image. Credit must be provided for every element in the image, not just the model or the background. If the stock belongs to the artist, it would be great if the artist could state that in the comments.
  • If the artist does not use legitimate stock images. Google is NOT a legitimate stock source, and art that uses images found from Google and other illegitimate sources can be removed by dA staff. For more information: FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?
  • If the deviant has had a Daily Deviation in the past 6 months. For more information: FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?

What is "Exemplary"?

The deviation should:
  • Stand out both in comparison to the rest of the artist's gallery and against the rest of the photomanipulations on dA.
  • Be technically incredible-- including, but not limited to, having good lighting and seamless blending.
  • Have a discernible concept and be more than just "pretty."

The Intangibles

The deviation you suggest should demonstrate:
  • Originality and creativity: Did the artist make a concept his/her own?
  • Excellence: Is this the best he/she can do; does it stand out from the rest of his/her gallery and the gallery at-large?
  • Heart: the deviant should have put some thought into it and taken time with the deviation in order to make a great product.
  • "Wow!" factor: It should make you want to study it for a little while.

Suggesting a DD

I love DD suggestions! Here are some things to keep in mind:
  • You can suggest one deviation per note. Please include THUMBNAILS, not links. This helps me better keep track of who suggested what very quickly.
  • It is okay to suggest yourself! You don't have to be listed as suggester if you suggest yourself, so you don't need to worry about modesty.
  • If you want to be an anonymous suggester, please let me know. If you do not specify that you want to remain anonymous, I will include your name on the DD.
  • I usually respond to notes just to let you know that I received them. However, I will generally not tell you whether or not I am going to feature your suggestion.
  • Please include a brief comment about why you think this piece is so awesome! It really helps me (and the community) understand where you are coming from.

Be Considerate.

  • Only suggest something to one member of the Community Relations Team or Community Volunteer. If your suggestion is not featured, why not suggest something else?
  • I will not KNOWINGLY feature something someone else has already declined to feature.
  • DD features are not popularity contests. Please don't have your friends spam me (or anyone else) with requests to feature your art.

When you Disagree

Not everyone will agree with every DD; that's just the way life is. What fun would it be if we all had the same tastes in art? ;) But, each one was chosen carefully and for a reason. If you disagree with a DD that I featured, you should tell me about it via note. I am happy to explain why I chose it, and I am happy to hear your point of view. Yes, really! :D Or, if you would prefer, you can contact Moonbeam13, Director of Community Relations. Please do not write hurtful or overly critical things on the artist's page, though; it is not their fault that they received a DD. See FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?.

Got questions? Shoot me a note! :D

Thanks, and I look forward to your suggestions. :woohoo:

© 2012 - 2021 Aeirmid
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annewipf's avatar
I saw a very beautiful photography on dA. Please could you tell me where I can suggest it for a DD? Thank you. :hug:
Aeirmid's avatar
Try 3wyl. :) Also, here is the list of everyone and who does what: communityrelations.deviantart.…
annewipf's avatar
omgjojodear's avatar
Just to confirm, one deviation per note, am I right?
Aeirmid's avatar
You can do more than one if they are from the same artist. :D
omgjojodear's avatar
shahafyakov's avatar
I just sent you a note but with a link
Im kinda new to DA so I dont know how I can do it by thumbnails :/
Aeirmid's avatar
Look on the right side of the picture, there's a thumb code. Just copy and paste. :D
CelticStrm-Stock's avatar
I featured this at :iconrealm-of-fantasy: [link] too! :)
RoseSakuraJo83's avatar
Erm...I am new around here and I actually can't get my notes to contain (thumbnails). How can I do that? I can only have links, which clearly isn't a fav of yours, so how to get thumbnails?
Thanks in advance!
Aeirmid's avatar
There is a thumbnail code on the right side of the deviation. Just copy and paste that. :)
iAmoret's avatar
Yeah, he one suggested for me definitely doesn't fit the 'effort' guideline- it took 20 minutes, including finding stock.
LadyofGaerdon's avatar
Hmm. I'm a little confused about this part:

"I will not KNOWINGLY feature something someone else has already declined to feature."

But why? Sometimes I'll keep a declined submission for 7-8 months, until the admin team has changed, and then suggest again to one of the new ones. It's fine if you don't want your suggesters to do this, but I didn't realize it was inconsiderate. :(
Aeirmid's avatar
That was more relevant when we had 2 photomanip CVs. :) People were going back and forth between us. :)
LadyofGaerdon's avatar
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Zak05's avatar
Thank you so much for sharing:)
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