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Promise by Aeirmid

So, hi.

I wanted to thank those of you who took time out of your day to wish me Happy Birthday, send me points, etc. You didn't have to do that, and I appreciate it.

Honestly, I didn't expect anyone to remember me. :XD: So, it was a pleasant surprise that made me realize how badly I missed my DA family.

In good times and in bad . . .

You guys have been there for me for almost 13 years, and it's been an adjustment being away. I just had enough with a lot of the behind-the-scenes bullshit, backstabbing, and (frankly) cruelty.

But really, that's the minority of people, even though it feels like the majority sometimes.

Most of us are supportive, kind, and willing to share what we know to help others.

More than anything, though, I just haven't had time to create art or post a lot of features like I used to do. I'm up to 12 medical publications (which really isn't a lot), 2 book chapters, several publications either under peer review or in the works, and a policy brief about Medicaid.

Still, I should have made more time for my friends. 

Receiving so many birthday greetings reminded me I belong here. :heart: And I can't thank you enough for that. 

Soooo while I still don't have time to create art, I promise to check in more often to support you in yours. 

But please do take my word about not making fun of people with mental illness.


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I haven't been here for months, and missed your birthday, but it's good to hear from you :heart:
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You, too, Bart! :)
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Wiggly text - Hello Happy Birthday Grin 
64923079 oh god I didn know it :( it was your birthday and don't say anything!!! I'm horrible Ofendido
Gold Star Sticker Icon Wiggly text - Sorry so sorry Jade!!!!So sorry  Rolling Heart  please, please, please. forgive me Ojo  I wanted to give you a cake badge but you already have all of them!!Shifty Birthday cake  icon I'll do something special for you Muajajaja..How funny..OnionI promess :D tell me, please, your favorites colors or palette colors, If you had to choose a hair color, what would it be? long, short, straight, with curlers? tell me please!!Chibi hatsune miku dance emoticon  YES, PLEASE~        
Blower fella (Party) I hope you've had a very nice birthday:true-bluefriends:  :iconsweethugplz: Crazy Winter Holiday Balls  and all your dreams come true FREE flying hearts Icon :deviants: Blush :tardgrinn: :glomppoke: 
Love Tards Love in the Air catching love LOVE La love Love Pink You are one of the few people I would like to meet in person, I appreciate you very much !! Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] I wish you many congratulations and all the best for you dear friend.I Love You Emote :slipperyhug: Miku Love [V1] Racing Girl Emoji (Lovely bye bye wave) [V3] 
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Love you so much, Laura! You're one of the ones I call a friend, and I was thinking of YOU when I said I had friends here. :heart:

I have long, dark, straight hair. Does that help? :XD:
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:la: yes!!! :D it helps me a lot :iconaawplz: 
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One thing I admire about you Jade is that you're so driven. You never stop moving. Whereas I just want some peace and quiet, even if I feel like I can't get it!
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Thanks. Ha ha. Yeah there’s always something. If I’m not moving I’m depressed. :tighthug:
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 Much love to you dear, keep well!:heart:
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