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Amazing Artwork by Ero-Haru

Hi, I'm Dancer!
You might know me as the perky, happy, outgoing guy near the front of the reindeer line!
But I'm not so happy right now.
I was playing on my favorite snowbanks,
Just yakking away,
When all of a sudden I realized I was talking to myself.
I was like, Holy Christmas!
I'm the only reindeer left, and boy am I lonely!
All my reindeer friends had disappeared!

Then I found out our herd escaped Santa's Village,
And now they are hiding all around the world.
They didn't even bother telling me where they were going.
Wasn't that rude of them!?

At first I thought, wow, Dancer, you must have scared them away
With all your blabbering and carrying on!
But then it occurred to me:
They have really been pissed off at Santa lately!
He's been being a big jerk to all of us, and they finally had enough!

So my reindeer friends went into hiding.
Each of them has found their own vacation destination.
And they really don't want to be found!
So I can't find them!

Christmas is DOOMED!
I'm here to tell you their story.
I hope you can help me rescue the holidays!

About the Reindeer's Feud with the Big Guy in the Red Suit

All of Santa's reindeer are really angry with him for his neglect and overall dismissiveness. Santa was busy all year developing all the coolest, most bright and colorful toys for the good little boys and girls around the world. Of course every child deserves a toy, but in his process of being a humanitarian he forgot also to be a reindeer-tarian! Kindness was a thing of the past, and he never paid any attention to any of us.

We're super hungry because our food has been served late and cold, and our stables, which are our homes, have been full of soggy hay. He never even bothered to scratch our ears or polish our jingle bells. It's been so long since I've gotten a good ear scratch, and no one can do it like Santa Claus can. So this is how Santa treats his precious reindeer? Humph!

And now, with the winter holidays coming, he seems to expect us to jump at the opportunity to carry millions of toys to spoiled children all around the world, even though we have been neglected all year! Well, it isn't going to happen! And, by the way, when was the last time Santa ever asked US what WE would like for the holidays? Reindeer enjoy gifts, too, you know! My brothers and sisters have departed Santa's Village so that they, too, could find some gifts.

All nine reindeer, including Rudolph (who used to get preferential treatment but lately has been neglected), are furious and tired of being taken advantage of. We decided by nearly unanimous vote that there would simply be no holidays this year. Period. I was the sole hold-out. The others decided that, instead of delivering gifts, they would run away and make people bring them gifts for once. After all, we all work really hard year-round, and we deserve to indulge themselves every now and then!

So, you'll need to find the eight other reindeer, my brothers and sisters, and try to convince them to come home. As I already stated, there are eight reindeer hanging out in eight different countries, one reindeer per country. You really will have to travel the world to find them! Hope you brought your passport.

Poor Mrs. Claus!

Mrs. Claus has been trying desperately to keep the peace at the North Pole, but Santa was furious when he found out about the other reindeer's defection. She has been so worried about everyone that she's been just a little bit . . . batty. Be gentle with her, and please be patient. She has been forgetting a lot of things these days.

You know what else? To make matters worse, the reindeer helpers, who were greatly confused about how all the toys would get delivered this year, started their own protests and demanded fair wages and more vacation days. When their protestations and pleas fell on deaf ears, most of them ran away to be with their reindeer. So, not only is the North Pole missing its favorite furry citizens, but we miss their buddies, too.

Mrs. Claus is beside herself. The only clue she has about the reindeer's disappearance is a tattered postcard stamped with Dasher's hoof print, which only shows some scribbled text and a picture of some exotic location that we can't really decipher.

For months, Mrs. Claus frantically looked for Dasher herself, but alas, she had no luck. With the holidays approaching, she decided to pose a challenge for the adept reindeer-finders at DeviantArt: find our precious reindeer and convince them to come home, and we will reward you richly! Is that why you're here? Please tell me you'll help me find my friends and their helpers.

Here are the rules of the game:

1. READ THIS JOURNAL CAREFULLY before you begin.

2. Work by yourself. Do not share answers. Do not give others your answers, and do not accept answers from other people. Do not put answers on other sites or problem-solve together. Remember: We see you when you're sleeping! ;)

3. Only contact each artist one time unless they specify it is OK to contact them with questions. If you think something is wrong with a puzzle, note Holiday-HQ.

4. It should go without saying: Be nice. People put a lot of time and energy into making this contest awesome, so please be respectful to the characters. :D (You might end up in a villain's realm if you do not.)

5. You have until January 15, 2018 at 11:59PM PT to visit all characters and get to the end. You don't need to do anything at that point; we are keeping track!

6. The characters reserve the right to take a break between December 22nd and December 28th. You can still contact them during this period, but please know they may not respond. It is up to them.

That being said, if anyone does not respond to your note within 24 hours *and* it is NOT between December 22-28, please note Aeirmid and tell her which character you're trying to reach.

Here are the prizes you can expect if you are lucky enough to win:

:trophy: First place: 3,500 points
:trophy: Second place: 2,500 points
:trophy: Third place: 1,500 points

At our discretion, we may choose to reward creative answers with bonus points.

The Villains

If you are disrespectful to a reindeer or make a mistake along the way, you just might be snatched away by one of our three Holiday Villains: Scrooge, The Grinch, and Krampus!

You will have to do an extra-hard task, and if you mess up three times, you're out!

So get it right the first time! :evillaugh:

Will you take up the challenge?
If you're kind to her, Mrs Claus just might tell you what's on that postcard . . .
Be careful on your journey; there are villains afoot!
I will be your guide along the way.

:pointr:Follow me to Mrs. Claus' puzzle!:pointl:

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