Halloween Art Heist! Come play, if you dare!!

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By Aeirmid

Halloween 2015 by UnidColor

It's Halloween 2016 at Halloween-HQ!


This is the official kickoff journal for Halloween 2016. Do you dare to join us?

You are sitting at your IKEA desk at work, rolling a pencil back and forth over your knuckles in abject boredom. Suddenly, your best friend bursts into your office, panting with excitement. You stop twirling your pencil and sit up, eager to hear the news.

Apparently, he says, the souls of all artists have been ripped violently from their bodies. If someone doesn't find the stolen souls, the loss will be permanent. You stare at him in silence for a moment, feeling the blood rush out of your body. What the hell . . . ?

"Anyway," your friend says, turning on his heel to leave, "I just thought you'd want to know."

You stare at his back as he disappears down the long hallway, your mind working at lightning speed to process what you've just been told. You decide in that moment that you will step up and take full responsibility for reuniting the artists with their souls.

In that instant, a magical compass materializes before your eyes, and you are held transfixed by its glow. Suddenly, a wave of excruciating pain unlike anything you've ever experienced races through your body from your head to your feet. You feel queasy, lightheaded . . . and suddenly you care for nothing and no one. Your mind is racing to understand what this feeling is about, and it finally occurs to you:

Your own soul has been torn from your body and ripped into many pieces.

Now it's personal.

How do I play?

Remember that artists come from all backgrounds and create work in all media.

Below are the names of three artists with whom you can start. Pick any one to begin; you can always come back to get the other two later.

BlueFire-Phoenix - Literature
SingingFlames - Traditional art
SavageFrog - Architecture

Go to the artist's page. Somewhere on that page, a link is hidden. That link leads to a sta.sh document that contains a clue, riddle, puzzle, etc. for you to solve. This puzzle is related to famous piece of art, classical or contemporary.

CRITICAL: DO NOT, under ANY circumstance, comment on any Sta.sh document. Doing so will result in IMMEDIATE disqualification.

Solve the problem, and note the solution to the artist.

IMPORTANT: ONLY CONTACT EACH ARTIST ONE TIME. You only get one shot at it, so do your best. This is also a good time to point out that CREATIVITY COUNTS.

Allow the artist 24 hours to respond to your note. When they respond, they will tell you where to go next. Keep working in this manner until you reach the end of your path.

You will get points for every answer you give. You do not need to keep track of them; we will keep track for you. The number of points you have at the end will determine who wins the game. If there are ties, we will go by who finishes first.

You may find some puzzles that are too difficult to solve. We recommend that you at least try. But, if you come across a puzzle that you do not want to answer or cannot guess, it is okay to tell the character that you want to skip their puzzle.

Other Rules

1.    READ THIS JOURNAL CAREFULLY before you begin.

2.    Work by yourself. Do not share answers. Do not give others your answers, and do not accept answers from other people. Do not put answers on other sites or problem-solve together. You'd be surprised by how much we know. ;)

3.    Only contact each artist one time. Do not ask clarifying questions. If you think something is wrong with a puzzle, note Halloween-HQ.

4.    It should go without saying: Be nice. People put a lot of time and energy into making this contest awesome, so please be respectful to the characters. :D (Big Grin)

5.    You have until November 6th at 11:59PM PT to visit all characters and get to the end.  You don't need to do anything at that point; we are keeping track!

The Prizes

The prizes are as follows:

First place: 4,000 points, courtesy of Aeirmid
Second place: 3,000 points, courtesy of communityrelations & Moonbeam13 
Third place: 2,000 points, courtesy of communityrelations & Moonbeam13 

What are you waiting for? Those souls aren't going to save themselves! :pumpkin:

Good luck!

Skin by Dan Leveille
© 2016 - 2021 Aeirmid
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madfilchi's avatar
i just missed it.
now i have to wait a year to join. YuY
AemLesniw's avatar
when are the results gonne be out? Jontron Echmote - sniff 
Aeirmid's avatar
When we're good and ready.
AemLesniw's avatar
ah! okay then! :)
Stygma's avatar
It there's something we can do if a character is not answering today since there's only a few hours left?

Got my answer! :XD:

I can't believe I managed to finished this (even with missing answers)! :giggle:
XxFlameFrost101xX's avatar
Aeirmid can you speak to more than one character at once? Do you have to wait for one character to reply before noting another one? 
Aeirmid's avatar
You can speak to more than one at once.
SilverHatsuyuki's avatar
Oh! It already started? Is it still possible to join even if it's already this late? :( 
Aeirmid's avatar
if you hurry!
SilverHatsuyuki's avatar
That's great thanks! ^^
XxFlameFrost101xX's avatar
I hooe it's not too late to start 
Okashy's avatar
Omg, finished!
That was FUN! :D
Poetsiren's avatar
I hope you do this again next year. I will likely join then. Too much going on with me right now. Sounds like fun!
IllyDragonfly's avatar
Still no answer from the last character I contacted. I have no one else to note, what do I do??? 
raionxdesu's avatar
I'm really sorry, the mermaid is probably busy. Please send a note to Halloween-HQ instead.
IllyDragonfly's avatar
Ah, she just answered me, no problem. Oh well, probably I won't win but I will still struggle until the end. :)
fairygodpiggy's avatar
The very first people to reach the end of the game aren't necessarily the ones who will win it, so no worries :)
IllyDragonfly's avatar
We'll see soon I guess. XD
CyciTheConqueror's avatar
with SapphireDragon6 's answer I was wondering : if you take multiple paths, the score of each path sum or you just choose the score you prefere keeping (or the admins only count the higest score) ?
Kida-neechan's avatar
How are the winners picked? Those who finished first?
sheorun's avatar
The one that has most points from the tasks wins :) If however more players reach this goal the first one to clear the path will win ;)
IllyDragonfly's avatar
Waiting for the Mermaid response (I sent my note almost 24 hours ago), just telling it. :)
Rai-Knightshade's avatar
This has been so much fun so far! :D:D Not sure I'll win but if I meet my goal of getting every artist I'll be ok with that! ^^; (Almost there too!)
I highly recommend doing this if you're on the fence about it! Some of the challenges are a little difficult or maybe a bit time-consuming but you'll feel a sense of accomplishment once you DO figure them out! I don't recommend skipping, by the way; generally if you try your hardest but can't quite get everything the artists will be nice and take your partial answer or even give tiny hints as to where something is! (Probably you get docked points for that though but whatever. ^^;)

Anyway it's super duper fun and I've enjoyed it a lot!!
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