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We are extending the deadline for the Devil in the Details contest to 15 MAY 2016. With prizes this big, we really want to see some (more) great entries. However, please, please, please pay attention to our THEME. "Devil" does not mean that theme has to be bad or negative. We are saying that the meaning of your deviation should be brought out by the details of your composition. It can be funny, ironic, joyful, scary, or mysterious. It can be anything you want, but the goal of the contest is to get you to tell a story with your art. The story should unfold according to how you lay out the details in your deviation. So, for example, perhaps a cat is hunting mice, and there are mice cleverly hidden in the deviation. THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE. We are looking for good quality composition (clever use of space).

If you have already submitted a deviation to the contest and you want to change it, let us know.

Also, we are happy to talk through an idea with you if you want to know whether it is appropriate for the contest. Note Aeirmid or Incantata.

What is this?

This is a new contest for members of arcanevault only. But don't worry, anyone can join!  For this contest, we will accept all digital media, including photomanipulations.

The theme

The theme for our group is the arcane: things that are secret, hidden, and mysterious. Our contest theme reflects that overall group theme.

The contest theme is: The devil is in the details.

Use strong composition skills to create a scene in which secrets are hidden and unfold as the eye studies the scene. For example, you could show a mystery or murder scene, an occult phenomenon, or maybe some Easter eggs. Perhaps it is an empty room with shattered glass that gives a hint of something that had happened late last night. The details should tell the story and give the viewer something to think about. Ask yourself, "What happened?" and then fill in the details through your art.

As you can imagine, composition is very, very important here. If you aren't sure about what composition means in terms of art, you can visit these great tutorials:

Tutorial: Composition, part I by arisuonpaa

Contest details


The contest opens on February 16, 2016. All entries are due by 11:59 PM PT on May 15, 2016.

Where to submit

You can submit to the Devil in the Details contest folder at arcanevault


The judges of this competition are Aeirmid, Incantata, and ErikShoemaker. Guest judges may be invited to help settle tie scores.


There will be three winners in all. 

First place:

Second place:

Third place:

All winners will also receive exclusive stock from PirateLotus-Stock, CelticStrm-Stock, Elandria, EveLivesey, kuschelirmel-stock, and AmberSeree. TheNaughtyPirate has offered features and llamas!

Other rules

  • No late entries will be accepted without notice. If you have difficulty meeting the deadline, please note the group and ask for an extension.
  • Credit ALL stock use.
  • Only ONE entry per deviant. Make it count!
  • Artwork must be created specifically for this contest and submitted to DA on or after February 15, 2016.
  • Please state that your entry is for the "Devil in the Details" contest and link to this journal so others can find it and enter, too!
  • Entries that do not match the theme will be declined.

Note the group if you need help or have further questions. We are really looking forward to seeing your creations!


remote place by VityaR83
Alice's Adventures by Black-B-o-x
Briar Rose by nina-Y
the Attic Bears by salis2006


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