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Attention photomanipulators! :blowkiss: :wave:

But, Jade! We're a digital gallery. Why should I care about traditional art history?

Gasp! You should care!! :D Before there was photomanipulation, before there was photography, there was traditional art. It is our roots, our history. The foundation upon which we create.

Think of the masters who came before us, those who blazed the trail for artists of all different genres and media: Monet, da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dali, Rembrandt, Munch, Van Gogh, Picasso, Cezanne . . . so many more. They serve as inspiration for many of us, and you can see their influences today . . . even in photomanipulation!

That is true! So, how can I help?

Does traditional art influence you? Tell me how, and link me to a piece of your photomanipulation work that was inspired by a traditional artist, either modern or historic. You can reply right here on this journal! :heart: In return, you will receive a feature for your artwork! :woohoo:

You can also help by helping us spread the word to other photomanipulators! :love:

And, don't forget to join dA's Art History Project!


Thanks, guys! Looking forward to seeing what you have to share. :heart:

Jade :dalove:

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Back in 2005, Directmedia (and the Yorke Project) made 10,000 scans of public domain artworks available to Wikipedia Commons under the GNU Free Documentation licence. This is a wonderful historical reference resource for artists. The beginnings of the 10,000 can be found here - [link](Yorck_Project)

I have been downloading images from this resource for a while now, and came across a work by Edouard Manet titled Le Suicidé which made some impact on me, as it is an unusual subject for Manet. It was painted late in the artist's life (1877-1881) and he was dead two years later. There is an analysis of the work in the PsyArt Journal - [link]

I wanted to use it in some way in a manipulation so I hung it on the wall of a manip I had been working up. The result is Le Suicidé et l'épouse fidèle (The suicide and the faithful wife)