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Burning Inside

Trying something completely new. Critiques welcome.

Apophysis and Bryce.
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This... just, wow!
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Hey im new To the site so can i ask How do i Delete Items From my favorites?
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Click on the same button to un-fave it.
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WooW So detailed! I can't wrap my head around how you do it!
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Breaking all the artistic rules. :D
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and making up your own as you go ;)
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I don't know what to say...
it's amazing! I love it!
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________this is fucking awesome my friend!!!
________excellent rendering and beautiful colours!
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Hey, thanks. :D
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________my pleasure mate!
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Wow... Simply phenomenal use of Bryce to create a simple and elegant fractal. Hats off to you, sir.
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Thank you, Bryce is still a cool program despite its age.
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The shapes reminds me of Eternal Ring (game) and the song Red Zone at the same time. This IS a REALLY great pic. Nice job!! :)
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Thanks. Complete experiment for me but it seemed to work. :)
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What can I say? It's burning and it's beautiful. A heart. A cry. :faint:

Yes, it looks like the inside of an incandescent heart with some wicked pipework.

It'll be good if the fibers with the highest energy value (AKA the golden ones) can be brighter. You know, to make it looks more burning. This heart is pre-burning, not fully burning.

Yes, that was three different parts of me talking... I guess I need more sleep.
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Never thought of it as a heart, but that does match the name. Also matches my career, I work in a hospital. :hug:
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It does look like a beating heart to me. You know, the real heart, not the emoticon type heart.

Ah! I remember! Somewhere in 2005 or 2006 you wrote in your journal about getting the career (not just job) you like. So you are still working there, that's great! It must be a blessing to do what one loves.
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A great idea to mix fractals and 3D Abstract!
All what I love!
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At the time I was trying to do abstract work but still loved fractals. :D
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