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True Polaroid and 35mm
Artist | Professional | Photography
United States
Favourite genre of music: Indie, Rock, Ambient Electronic, Sound Art
Favourite photographer: Bruno Poinsard
Favourite style of art: Personal Art
MP3 player of choice: Marantz
Favourite cartoon character: EVA 01
Personal Quote: Dont let vanalities which are trivial get in the way of the simple things which are fundamental
Have you ever seen something you have been imagining for days and never spoken of, suddenly represented by another artist on deviant art? Has it ever happened to you that the type of art you do suddenly appears in your favourite artist or bands´ artwork without them having possibly known? This sort of coincidence is known as Synchronicity but a group of deviants and I have been observing the amount of times these coincidences happen. It has happened at least once to almost every person. This is a glimpse of what the scientific term of Collective Unconscious means and how it permeates reality, as science has shown before. The experiment we are about to embark on is based not on promoting synchronistic phenomena but merely on registering each time this happens until we have a large list of these synchronistic phenomena and can find general common factors. There is a place where all thoughts from everyone come together, the place where we dream things that happen or that dont, the place of beauty and art, our dreams. If this has happened to you, you would be helping an ongoing investigation if either you just mentioned it has happened to you (the mere affirmative has statistical value) or you kindly described your case as a comment on this journal. I will let all those who participate know the final result. Parallel to this comes the psychic relativity of time described as follows...

Infinite Time Dilation Theory: Have you ever dreamt a dream that lasts days in your head but when you wake up only a few minutes have passed? This happens because within our brain time is relative and depending on the acceleration of brain metabolism and activity we can experience a dream as very long in a very short time. In this case what is real? Whatever the answer to that, the fact remains that in oniric states and REM sleep time can become faster or slower. It is in these states that just like we experience such intense dreams or nightmares ancient people experienced moments of extasy and vision. Vision isnt something that matters to the layman but it is true that the easier our conscience is on us, the more pleasant the oniric states of sleep and dreams will be and in some cases where the persons conscience is exalted time dialation may ocurr with pleasant dreams which leads to the hypothesis that in moments of sleep and at the moment of death an infinite time dialation process occurs in the brain where many years can be experienced in the last seconds of life and if the conscience was in harmony with the unconscious (If we were good and fair people?) and clear this last dream can be a good one explaining the ancient belief of life after death. Of course this last concept has indeed many other explanations but think about it, if the brain is capable of dilating time then what prevents it from dilating it infinately? To experience a dream of a thousand years in one second ore one minute? It is theoretically possible. Any comments on this are welcome or any experiences with time dilation in dreams or other forms of conscious alteration in this respect.

The same sort of experience happens to :iconzwetschkensooz: and is more practically described in her journal:…

On a more personal note, artistic to say the least, I would like to state the predominating concept behind my work. After years of digital pictures I have decided to come back to analog much like a person seeks to find his or her true identity by going back to the beautiful memories of childhood. This said it means that my act as a photographer is an act of nostalgia. I am not a polaroid lover, I am a lover of melancholy and polaroid has proven to be the most effective vehicle. That said, my art is not based on the technical aspects but purely on the sensitive ones. I am very much aware how we tend to "poetize" the past making it look sublime, so by using old media I am trying to make the present beautiful by turning it into the past. This is living this moment knowing its going to disappear, knowing we are just dust in the wind and that our feelings, our story, our love will disappear into oblivion and that precisely that tragedy is what makes the present so valuable. Everything ahead of us is only past, the present is as beautiful as our memories.



Joint project with: :iconsilvernium:

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  • Listening to: Jigsaw Falling into Place - Radiohead
  • Reading: Phaedrus - Plato
  • Watching: Christiane F Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (1981)
  • Playing: My Synthesizer
  • Drinking: Snow Dragon White Tea



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