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Manip Academy #10: Blending Fire

Mon Apr 25, 2016, 8:29 AM

There is an easy, fast way to blend fire into any scene. This won't work in some cases but on average is a nice method to make a basic and realistic blending. Here, we will create a body out of fire. This is our base composition:

Suspense1 by Aegis-Illustration

What you need to do is to place your favorite fire photos (preferably on dark/black backgrounds) on Screen blending mode. At first sight there's something missing, and that is the dark areas of the fire, which are muted due to our blending mode.

Suspense2 by Aegis-Illustration

Create a new layer between the fire layers and your subject and use the Brush tool with medium Opacity and Flow and black color (a dark brown/orange might work as well, depending on your background and color settings) to bring back the dark parts of the fire. Use the Eraser to get rid of any strokes that go beyond the fire itself. A pen tablet is highly recommended to make this process more accurate.

Suspense3 by Aegis-Illustration

Create another layer, pick an orange tone of your choice, similar to the midtones of the fire, and create a radial foreground to transparent gradient, parting from the center of the fire to the opposite corner, and then use again Soft Light to tint your new lighting.

Suspense4 by Aegis-Illustration

Don’t forget to paint the light reflections on the model as well as adding sparks, particles, and other cool stuff that will bring our fire to life. Again, it will be easier if you have them photographed on dark background to use the Screen blending mode. This could be our final result:

Suspense by Aegis-Illustration

Obviously, you can go further with this process, which may vary depending on your image settings! Have fun experimenting!

February 18, 2016
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CET (UTC+01:00)

Discover the unlimited power of Create Your Own Assets - feeling and capturing the inspiration of the world that surrounds you in this Photoshop Workshop.

Mario Sánchez Nevado has offered to tell us all in a masterclass that you just can’t miss! Get ready to discover the best secrets of this composition wizard, and see how he created unique digital work using the resources we created through spectacular experiments in the Adobe Creative Cloud Asset Lab, capturing surrounding inspiration and using it to make the difference.

 An essential session to learn how you can leverage new creative opportunities and workflows using Creative Cloud and really leave your mark on this year. Can´t wait to know more? Be prepared to make the key aspects of composition in Photoshop your own, discover how to create your own resources and the different uses it can have in your composition with examples of how to integrate them...a special bonus surprise that Mario has been working on, and all seasoned with the “wow” tricks that only he knows how to do!

Ready to make the difference?

About Mario

Mario was one of the artists that came together to create the Emmy-nominated ”Dream On”-video to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Adobe Photoshop. To watch Mario Sánchez Nevado's Dream On video, please click here.

About the Creative assets he will use

Prepare beforehand and test your skills downloading the assets library Mario will use in his masterclass. You can download the Assets by clicking here! 

The masterclass will  be in English.

Register now!

2015 has been a great year for this studio, and I want to celebrate it with this compilation of all my personal works, commissions, workshops and making of videos published during last year in one single post. I hope you enjoy it, and once again, thank you again for your endless support! Cheers for a bright 2016! 

Click here to access the content!

Wear Surreal! Clothing for Lucid Minds

Hello everyone! I don't usually make any promos when Black Friday knocks the door every year, but this one, it seems that most of the distributors of my Wear Surreal! clothing line have agreed in putting some great discounts for you all, so why not telling? :)

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So, they say you wanted an on-line, free masterclass, right? Well, your desires are orders for us! I’ll be teaching a workshop with Adobe and Creative Cloud Events on compositing, where I’ll give some tips and tricks on photo manipulation techniques, blending, masking, post-production and I’ll show you some hidden gems of Photoshop to improve your own artworks. Did I say it’s free? :)


November 25, 2015
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm CET (UTC+01:00)

In November and December some of the world’s most skilled compositing artists will join us to share their tips & tricks with you. First out – Mario Sanchez Nevado. This Spanish independent illustrator is definitely one of the world’s most accomplished compositing artists. Designing ”great things for people who has a story that needs to be told”, Mario was one of the artists that came together to create the Emmy-nominated ”Dream On”-video to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Adobe Photoshop.

To watch Mario Sánchez Nevado’s Dream On video, please click here.

Register now to receive updates and reminders about this event or log into the event 15 minutes prior to event start time.


Taking advantage that I’m being featured as Artist of the Week again in Cotógraphix, I decided to make a small and fun photoshoot with some of the T-Shirts to promote this weeks’ 10% OFF all products, plus some surprises: Girlie apparel, Hoodies and tote bags are now availabe, and also, there's a contest to win! Follow this link to learn how, and good luck! You have until June 25th! :D

Thanks to Edu and Tania Jump DJ for being my super awesome models! :heart:

Wear Surreal apparel promo 2 by Aegis-Illustration
Spanish only this time guys - It's about an on-line workshop I'll be teaching for Spanish speakers! :)

Behance Webinar con Mario Sánchez Nevado

¡Gente! El próximo 26 de Mayo a las 11.00 (GMT+1) tenemos una cita en la plataforma de eventos de Creative Cloud con Adobe España y un servidor. Estaré dando un webinar de una hora aproximada de duración donde contaré cómo podéis sacarle el máximo partido a vuestro perfil de Behance. Como crear proyectos que visualmente atraigan irremediablemente la atención de los líderes de la industria creativa para que os podáis ir haciendo hueco. Tocaré diversos temas de funcionamiento de la plataforma, desde la creación y customización del perfil, incluyendo la gestión de datos laborales, a la creación de proyectos, renderización de material complementario, como hacer networking en la plataforma y mucho, mucho más.

La asistencia es totalmente gratuita, y sólo os tenéis que registrar en el siguiente enlace para reservar vuestra plaza. ¡Corred que se acaban!

¡Reserva ya tu plaza!

Hello, everyone!

I have joined forces with the newly born crowdfunding platform Crowdpress. Our goal is simple: to gather enough people who wants to buy a print to deliver it to them for way less half the price, including shipping costs! You can get a copy of "Deliberation" for 30USD if you live in the US, 35USD in Canada and 30USD for international orders. We need only 25 backers and we have 24 days left for this to come true! 

Print size is 24x24 inches (60x60cm), big enough to cover up your walls! So if you ever wanted a copy of this artwork, now is the time! 

Click here to get yours!

Well! I’ve been dying to make this official since I was told that some of 
my works would appear on this special Adobe 25th Anniversary TV Spot, created and curated by Goodby Silverstein & Partners. The spot aims to be premiered in front of 100 million people during the 2015 Oscars Academy Awards! I’m so excited about this, as this is a milestone on my career. It makes me proud to see my work on all promotional content Adobe is creating for this special 25 anniversary. I never thought a day like this would come, but you see, hard work pays off! And yes, that’s Aerosmith on the spot, too!

My new website is up! At last this hard month of coding and headaches comes to an end... Hope you all enjoy it, it's been done with lots of love! Don't be shy and spread the word if you like what you see! :heart:

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Aégis Strife Studios present a new line of clothing available in men and women apparel: T-Shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and much more, in different cuts, shapes and designs for all tastes.
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Extreme digital imaging workshop

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 6, 2014, 11:53 AM
Hey, everyone!

I'll be short! I'll be teaching my new workshop "Extreme digital imaging", on the next Creative Pro show (Behance ambassador) in Rome, next march 29th! This will be a huge digital art event with limited seats available, so you can start ordering your tickets now!

I'll be showing the original PSD files of some of my most popular artworks with in depth explanations and I'll show how to create a speedie surreal photo manipulation live! Speech will be in English and translated live to Italian if you need to. 

More info about the workshop.

Book your seat here!

See you there! :D :heart:

Create your own Photo Manipulation resources #1

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 15, 2014, 11:12 AM
Hello all, and happy belated 2014! 

It seems that I have not been very active around here at least referring to posting journals lately, but it's been for a good reason of a work and creativity overload, plus journals here seem to go a bit of invisible about dA lately as I see...

So, I had a great photo shoot last month in the forests of La Granja (Segovia / Spain), and I arranged an article explained a bit how to do an outdoors photo shoot in a lush forest with your models, and having even them to pose for you at under 0 celsius degrees. I think it might be instructive for those who are playing with photo manipulation and digital art and want to create their own resources to avoid licenses and such when using stock. I'm planning to create a series of this kind of articles, hoping that the may be useful for some of you! More to come, then! :D

I hope you're all doing well, I'm often around here even if I don't post that much :heart:

'Creatives Rising' exhibition.

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 4, 2013, 6:56 AM
From tomorrow, my work "Betrayal" will be showcased in an itinerant exhibition in New York city, in a 30 ft. screen that will visit the outside walls of some emblematic places of the city like the MOMA and Guggenheim museums.

More info on my blog. Don't miss this chance to see this as bigger as possible!

Betrayal by Aegis-Illustration

They are among Us

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 16, 2013, 2:59 AM
Our new exhibition is out. Pay us a visit!

Thank you!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 15, 2013, 7:46 AM
Hey fellas!

Just wanted to say a quick and big "thanks" to all of you, for your support and your birthday wishes this week. Sadly, time is short and I'm unable to reply to +8.000 messages! :heart:

By the way, I'll be having my next exhibition in New York city from July 25 to mid September in the Angel Orensanz Foundation at "The story of the Creative" held by See.Me. Last exhibit and lectures set in Madrid were so crazy and pleasant I hope I can do it again! Thank you all for coming!

Oh! I also got the Master Award (again!) in this year's Exposé with my piece "Deliberation", on the Surreal category :D

If you want or need more updates (a lot of interviews published recently), please head to my website, I update there as much as I can, so hard to keep all social profiles up to date! 

New artworks coming soon, I've got some twisted, dark stuff for y'all! :D

Exposicion y conferencia en Madrid!

Journal Entry: Tue May 21, 2013, 2:58 PM

Tras varios meses de gestación, por fin os puedo presentar las I Jornadas de Arte y Psicología que la Universidad a Distancia de Madrid (UDIMA) ha organizado para los próximos 31 de Mayo y 1 de Junio de 2013 en el Centro de Estudios Financieros (CEF) de Madrid.

Se trata de dos jornadas compuestas de una serie de mesas redondas, en las que participaré junto con los Doctores y Profesores de la UDIMA Rodolfo Gordillo y Carmen Hidalgo de la UDIMA, y en las que abordaremos la relación del arte y la psicología enfocadas en mi obra artística, todo compañado de una exposición retrospectiva con más de 30 de mis piezas que además estarán a la venta por un módico precio adaptado a los precios que corren. Además, habrá una sala habilitada donde se proyectarán mis cortometrajes "Monsters", "Fatigue", "Deformatorium" y "The Migration". ¡Luego podréis tomaros una copa con nosotros, que invita la casa! ¡Que no mordemos, lo prometo! :D

El "I Encuentro sobre Arte y Psicología de la UDIMA" es el resultado final de una actividad didáctica transversal desarrollada conjuntamente entre los estudiantes de las asignaturas "Psicología Diferencial" (Grado en Psicología) y "Movimientos Artísticos y Tendencias Estéticas" (Grado en Periodismo), bajo la coordinación de los profesores de la UDIMA, Rodolfo Gordillo y Carmen Hidalgo.  

Durante el curso, los estudiantes de ambas asignaturas han analizado las particularidades artísticas y variables psicológicas de un joven pintor contemporáneo, Mario Sánchez Nevado, con el objetivo de plantear un conjunto de hipótesis que relacionen su personalidad con su forma de trabajar.

 El "I Encuentro sobre Arte y Psicología de la UDIMA", de carácter presencial, concluye esta actividad acogiendo dos mesas redondas que profundizarán, no sólo en la obra y temperamento del autor invitado, sino también en una serie de pintores consagrados como Van Gogh, Munch o Dalí. La exposición "Reflejos del Subconsciente despierto", producida por el propio Mario, pone el broche de oro a las jornadas (posibilidad de comprar obra  certificada). 


1ª Jornada: Viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013
  • 19:00 horas.  Mesa Redonda: Claves artísticas y psicológicas de un pintor contemporáneo (Mario Sánchez Nevado, Prof. Dr. Rodolfo Gordillo, Prof. Dra. Carmen Hidalgo)
  • 20: 00 horas.  Inauguración exposición "Reflejos del Subconsciente despierto". Autor: Mario Sánchez Nevado. (Se ofrecerá copa de vino español y cóctel de las musas).

2º Jornada: Sábado, 1 de junio de 2013
  • 19:00 horas. Mesa Redonda: Genialidad y locura en el arte (Prof. Dr. Rodolfo Gordillo, Prof. Dra. Carmen Hidalgo y Mario Sánchez Nevado)
  • 20:30 horas. Clausura exposición "Reflejos del Subconsciente despierto". Autor: Mario Sánchez Nevado. (Se ofrecerá copa de vino español y cóctel de las musas).

La entrada a las jornadas es libre y gratuita pero el aforo es limitado. Puedes inscribirte ahora enviando tus datos a la siguiente dirección: ¡Allí nos vemos!
I Jornadas Arte y Psicología UDIMA

I Jornadas Arte y Psicología UDIMA


Journal Entry: Tue Apr 30, 2013, 5:28 AM

Gigerotica is a video documentary about the work and life of the swiss artist H.R. Giger, father of creations such as the original Alien of the films saga, among others. But... you sure know him, already! ;)

The documentary has been produced by Melez Artworks, and during the process he contacted some artists (Jose María Picón, Luis Manuel Santiago, and yours truly) to talk about the influence and other aspects of the work of Giger in modern art. So if you have a spare half an hour, I recommend you to check this out, as it's a beautiful crafted video that you're going to die for specially if you're in love with Giger, Alien or dark art in general. Plus, I make two appeareances talking about him, so it's your chance to meet me in video!

I hope you enjoy it!

P.S.: The video is in Spanish, thought! I hope there's a subtitled version somehow soon! :)

  • Listening to: Paradise Lost

HM: Substantia is out!

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 25, 2013, 11:49 AM
After four months of hard work, at Hysterical Minds we are pleased to introduce you our 12th exhibition, which we have baptized as "Substantia", which gathers a collection of more than seventy artworks that harvest the most varied artistic trends and techniques from nowadays, as we always offer to you: from traditional to digital painting, going through photography and its derivatives, motion graphics, music and several mixed media outcomes.

Unlike past releases, this time we have not needed to establish any conceptual relationship between the pieces to give an homogeny and global approach to it: It seemed to be the best, after the success of our latest releases, to get some fresh air and create a free style release, but asking ourselves to give maximum quality.
That's the reason you'll face a collection of pieces that go further from the techniques they were created, because the appealing of "Substantia" is the crazy amount of stories that it has yet to tell, with many different beginnings and conclusions, which travels throughout human emotions and beyond the
limits of fantasy, which makes of "Substantia" a showcase that needs not further explanations: you can just enjoy it!

Click to see the exhibition!

P.S.: SEVEN new works by yours truly to be discovered inside, as well! Enjoy!

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Hysterical Minds: EMPATHY!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 16, 2012, 5:12 AM

We proudly present our eleventh art pack, once again filled with top pieces created in multiple media by today's finest Spanish-speaking artists.

On this occasion, which is as special as ever, our artists had a technical challenge, which allowed for both conceptual freedom and coherence. What you are about to see will appeal to you mainly due to the use of color: "Empathy" refers to many things, but we have focused it on color relationships. Every work presented in this exhibition is based on the use of complementary colors, colors that are completely opposed in the color wheel. This has resulted in the highest possible contrast between hues, with combinations such as blue-orange, green-red and yellow-purple, as well as many more variants.

We offer you a journey that will show you the anatomy of color, the emotions it can convey and the power of joining opposites. This is a collection of awe-inspiring, visually striking, richly narrative images where everyday situations meet the magical and where empathy is the common thread. Here you will find a place it is likely you already knew.

Visit the exhibition here!

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